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I've been beavering away on my Feedback Fortnight game over the last month, making steady progress. I put up v1 a couple of weeks ago, and today I have a second version ready. There's plently of changes, bugfixes, and refactoring. I got an idea from Dr Laguna's feedback: you can now upgrade your spells after you defeat certain wizards. Adding this feature required refactoring a whole bunch of code as the various spells were all hardcoded and never meant to be changed in its original version!

I've also added more music and gone through the sprites with a fine comb - there's enough space to add another enemy/spell, and I would love feedback on what would be a cool addition to the game!

Missing things and known bugs:

  • win screen, intro screen and in-game tutorial
  • AI - still random
  • units with haste sometimes jumps back while moving (display bug)
  • non-unit spells sometimes appear to hit things a bit far away (bug, but might leave it like this - it's a hassle to get right)

Things added in v2:

  • multiple maps and crystal tower configs (and countdown on the crystal towers)
  • hard mode (and super hard mode) options (press enter before your first battle to try them out!)
  • non-unit spells
  • spell upgrade functionality
  • units are now using their wizard's colours
  • friendly fire for non-unit spells (beware…)
  • a new html wrapper as chrome won't let you autoplay sounds anymore


Submitted without comment.

Anyway. I'm working on a PICO-8 game based on an idea I had ages ago. I have many extensions in mind, but really trying to just finish the core gameplay for now. It's a game about winning.


Hello! I am in and I am likely to create a PICO-8 game that I can also submit to the Monster Mix & Mash jam.

The themes from that jam are all spooky and halloweeny, so I am hoping for a theme that I fits. Or maybe I'll just make a game about miscommunications between vampires and ghosts?


Wildfire is a game that you probably didn't play for the 5th Kajam, mainly because I completely failed to get it done in time.

The main reason for that was that I was busy working on a killer feature that I wanted to have available before people played (and forgot about) the game.

The new feature I've added to the game is the ability to create levels. This is pretty cool (IMHO) because it's adding "cloud saves" to a PICO-8 game. The way it's done is by exploiting the GPIO flags that were added to PICO-8 presumably to be able to control simple lights on your Raspberry Pi or similar. Since the data needed to store a level is pretty light, I save it in these GPIO controls, which can then be read by the HTML5 app serving the PICO-8 cart. The data is then stored on my own server via a REST interface.

This means that any level you create is available to play for all players via the "challenges" list! I can't wait to see what kind of crazy challenges will appear!

Have a play here: Wildfire


Hello Alakajammers!

Over the last month or so, we have been busy working "behind the scenes", submitting the appropriate applications to make Alakajam an NPO: a non-profit organisation.

Why a non-profit?

I wanted to try to explain why this matters to you all.

Initially, Alakajam was @wan's one-man project to set up a new site for running jams and creating a gamedev community. It was set up to be open source so that anyone can contribute, with a modern design and architecture.

Another goal from the get-go was to make the site in such a way that makes it easy for different people to run a jam, to help moderate and even fix the website when needed. Crucially, we wanted the community to maintain and run the site, with no single keymaster and single point of failure.

And this is where the NPO comes in. Alakajam is now an actual organisation, run by an elected board with transparent processes, finances and activities. Anyone who is interested can help out and contribute in various ways.

The Council of Jamicians

The initial organisation has been set up, and the starting elected officers are (for a period of one year):

After a year, there will be a board meeting and an election, where anyone can nominate themselves for a role.

The sole reason for filing all this paperwork is that so Alakajam can be a community-owned site which can survive even if its founder decide to completely remove themselves from the process.

Hopefully Alakajam will continue on for many years and jams to come - as long as its community want it to run!

Registered in France on 11 August 2018, as an "association loi 1901"
RNA Number W691095617


August is pretty hectic for gamejams! I want to Kajam, I want to do js13k again, there's LD and there's LowRezJam and A Game By Its Cover.

There are probably even more, but wow, that's a lot. I don't need to do all of them, but then I had an idea: maybe I can combine some of them? Especially with this theme, I should be able to join the Kajam and the LowRezJam! Maybe I can even find a cover for the name?

With this in mind, I started on an idea for my belated entry to yesterday's onehourgamejam. I went with the LowRezJam's resolution requirement, and used PICO-8 for that retro-feel.

In a couple of hours I have a prototype, which I think I will extend and submit for the Kajam and LowRezJam! It's pretty basic right now, but you can play it and win or just set things on fire: Wildfire

The idea is to extinguish fires with whatever tools you have at hand. I think if I make it turn-based it can become a nice little puzzler :)


The 3rd Alakajam! is over and that means my duties as its host are over.

I wanted to just quickly go over what is required for running a jam, and why you might consider volunteering!

In terms of duties, it's pretty simple, and there is a document with all the steps written down so you can easily prepare for what is needed when. There is an event admin menu on the website itself where you can control which post is pinned, what the current countdown is for, and what the status of the ongoing jam is. It's all rather nicely setup - you don't need to ssh into a box somewhere and run scripts or mess with databases.

The important thing is that Alakajam was set up to be a nice gamedev/gamejam community, with emphasis on that last word. In order to be exactly that, we need to not have a dependency on a single person, and we need to make it easy for other people to get involved. You may not care who makes the site tick as long as it does, but I think it's crucial that we run the site and its jams as a community - which is why I'm writing this post! So if you think it would be fun to spend some of your time running an Alakajam or a Kajam - get involved! Talking to the regulars on #alakajam on irc is a good starting point!

Additionally - if it wasn't already obvious, anyone can get involved with the development of the site itself - just check out the site repo and start committing - there are a bunch of issues that specify missing features and bugs (look for the "good first issue" flag if you're new!).


Congratulations one last time to everyone who entered the 3rd Alakajam! You can discover the best rated games of the jam here:

Solo winners | Team winners

High fives to everyone who took part in this fun event, whether by submitting games, joining the theme submissions, rating games and most of all giving valuable feedback to others :)

We hope you enjoyed the jam!

Next Events

4th Alakajam: 12-14 October 2018

5th Kajam: August 1st to August 30th hosted by @Laguna (What is a Kajam?)

Behind the Scenes

Thanks to all the people who made this event possible:

  • @wan and @toasty for helping me run the event and the Twitter account
  • @aurel and @danaeplays for the wonderful launch stream
  • All 10 contributors to the website source code (proudly made in NodeJS!)
  • All the streamers, youtubers and speedrunners who covered the event :)
  • And of course, all of you in the community - without you there is no jam!

We hope to see you back for more jamming on future events!


There's only one week left to play and rate games! On July 8th at 7pm UTC, the ratings will be counted and the top 3 of the solo and team categories will be crowned!

In order to make as many games as possible receive a rating, games are now displayed in "rescue mode" which means games that need ratings will be displayed at the top!

Help your fellow Alakajam community members out and play and rate some of these games! Constructive feedback is one of the best ways to learn and improve your game design skills, so let's make as many games as possible get some feedback!

Let's rescue some games!


That's it, all the games are in - well done everyone! Now it's time to play and rate each other's games!

Constructive feedback is one of the best ways to learn and improve your game design skills, so please dish it out in buckets. If you haven't submitted a game yourself, you can still play games and leave feedback, the only thing you'll miss is the ability to rate games - so please do play and comment everyone!

The voting phase lasts until July 8th, when the ratings will be counted and the top 3 of the solo and team categories will be crowned!

Go go go! Play and rate games!