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I wrote a little thing for a local game news site about the jam. Check it out!


Look it's my "I'm In!" post. Anyways, I'm looking forward to jamming with all of you again. Bring it on!

If you want a sneak peek at what I'll be making (once the jam starts) you can follow me on Twitter to see progress updates and GIFs.


If you haven't rated our game yet, give it a shot!

Drop a comment on this post or on our game and I'll return the favor and rate yours too!

Good luck!


I've released Mac and Linux versions of our game. They are untested, since I don't have the machines to test them.
If they're totally broken let me know and I'll remove them.


We did it! We hit 10 votes on the day of submissions!

Thanks everyone!


We're so close!

Will you be our 10th vote?


We've put a makeshift leaderboard on our game's page.

Play the game and comment your best time (with a proof screenshot of the end of the game) to be put on it!

Let's see some fast times!

Currently the leaderboard is empty, so the first person to post a time will be in first place!


Hey everyone!

Voting time has started and we're in need of votes!

I'll play and vote on the games of anyone who drops a comment on our game so go check it out!


As the deadlines nears ever closer, we're almost done.

Here's a cool gif of what our game looks and play like!