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Hey! Just waned ot make a post so say I won't be in this one but I'll try to be around when games are finished :)

I've been quite out of the loop for a while (with new work) and I had already chosen a week-long and more chill jam for this weekend.

As usual, FluffyPotato already has a finished game when I would start working lol.
Have fun!


This wasn't done on purpose. It actually just came to my mind in the last hour.

Well, it's "finished"! Hope you like it! :D



I'm actually making some progress. the concept is, at least, interesting.

people here are posting ridiculously polished stuff like what the hell.

Have the tiniest sneak peek


I'm super in! Alakajam means a lot to me, it was my first serious-mode jam after making a lot of things I never finished, and Moonlight is now my favourite child. I got 2nd with it so the stakes are too high >.<

This community is a gift. I'm sure amazing stuff will come from this jam, a lot of themes sound delicious.

Cheers and happy jamming you great mammals.


I just realised the music was not there on the version of BDSM that was uploaded. There is now! It's music generated by a web that uses AI to create background music, so it's as fitting with the theme as it can possibly be.

Maybe you find it useful for your games -> https://www.jukedeck.com/make/tracks/browse

Just wanted to share! :D


My project will be called BDSM (Bomb Defusal Squad Machines)
A level (which is mostly the one I used while testing to make sure everything is bugless) is operative!

Is the UI understandable, even without tutorialisation? Please, if you want and can, try the level and tell me if you managed to beat it (deactivated the bomb) and if you understood everything or misunderstood anything. Thanks! :)



I love Artificial Intelligence, I actually just finished computer engineering, and did some things in that department, but I almost always end up disappointed when I try to really go deep with AI in games.

A project I had in the backburner for some time is a game like the ones by Zachtronics, where the player is asked to "program" the solution of a puzzle, with a lot of freedom. I once tried to envision a game where you design the "orders" for a military squad, almost programming without noticing, and they follow them and hopefully end up victorious. Gladiabots does something similar with quite a success.

I'd really like to make a game like that, a game that is thinking-heavy, but you're not solving puzzles, you're solving problems.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1_zmx-wU0U (Mark Brown's video on that)

Ill decide a genre (puzzle platformer probably) and design an interface so you can "program" the player character/s. Let's see how it goes.

Good luck to all! :D


I just published my entry. Maybe i'll tweak some things, but it should be playable now.
Please tell me what you think, or if you find something buggy or confusing!

This has been a great experience, i'll be participating in more jams.

Good luck to those who are finishing their entries!


I'll be participating, this is my third game jam.

I'll be using Game Maker 2 and pixelarting my way to hopefully a playable thing.

I'll try to make some sound with Sonic Pi but I can't promise anything.

Take a look at my itch.io!

See you around! :)