Colour Crew

A multi-galactic organisation working across dimensional shifts

The Colour Crew is a multiplayer platformer intended to be played by three simultaneous players. The game supports an infinite amount of players, but it might get chaotic. You cannot win this game solo - you'll get stuck very quickly.

You must pick one of the primary colours to master. You can only toggle crystals of that colour on or off. Each crystal controls doors of the same colour - and additionally any active colours will combine into a fourth crystal.

So for example, if you toggle your blue crystal all blue doors will open (for all players). If you and any red player both activate your colours, purple doors will also open.

You've entered some kind of maze, looking for the Journal of Champions. Can you collaborate with your unknown colleagues and find it?

Each player can request help from other coloured-players via the up and down arrows. Left and right is movement. Z is jump, and X will activate your crystal if it is within reach.


I originally started making a version of this game for the (but abandoned it) and so the graphics is made by Tom Hall and others. I wanted to add a (better) title screen and some music, but ran out of time - maybe I'll add it later!

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