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treslapin • 3 years ago 

I really love taking part in Alakajam, this will be our 4th time here. I even took Monday off from work so we could participate. 💪

As always, I'll be using Procreate on the iPad for sketches and Illustrator for final artwork.

I'm hoping to record more of our process this time around, here's a sample from our last jam:

And the finished product:

Click me for higher quality video.

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treslapin • 5 years ago 

Day 2 for us is almost over, we only have a few hours left before we'll head to bed. The jam started for us around 10pm last night and we only settled on an idea at noon today. However, the game is coming along great, and we really love the idea we landed on.

I had a great time making this chunky computer! Have to make a few more key graphics and then it's time to polish all the art.

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treslapin • 6 years ago 

We're making good progress with our game. I finally got off my butt and made some art, and it's being implemented. :D Here's a screenshot of the game being tested:

Still haven't thought of a name for it!

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treslapin • 6 years ago 

We're a team of 3: treslapin on art, cloakedninjas on code, and dorkulon on audio. Cloakedninjas flew out from London to Helsinki just to participate!! I hope we make something cool this weekend, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you all come up with. 🧙

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