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HuvaaKoodia 3 months ago

You read that right, but don't fret. The complex name hides nothing but a simple duel about time estimation with a cat.

Give it a spin with a friend or foe.

HuvaaKoodia 3 months ago

The weekend came and went on other business. Now is the time for a quick project, once again. I do seem to have settled into a concerning habit concerning jamming. The design is much more simple as a result, though.

HuvaaKoodia 6 months ago

Sound effects, UI improvements and a teeny-tiny change to the rules… That's what a quick post-jam version is made of.

Try it here

HuvaaKoodia 7 months ago

It is done, even took a break already!

Started recording 5 hours before the deadline. Implementing and testing the voices took a while. Also a load of tweaks, including some visual improvements.

Phew! Could continue working on sound effects and more graphics (for instance a proper background), but I'll much rather finish for the competition and be done with it.

Cheers and good luck.

HuvaaKoodia 7 months ago

So ah, everything but the voiceovers… Something for tomorrow then, eh! No pressure.

Should be able to put in some other sounds too. What did the rules say about third party assests again? I'll look into it with fresh eyes.


HuvaaKoodia 7 months ago

As the title states, a few things got done. The code needed some further wrangling to support random levels and I did dable in lighting effects just cause.

The gifs are getting smaller and choppier by the hour

I'll finally get to the writing and voice acting now. They'll do much more for the mood than any graphics I can muster, that's for sure.

HuvaaKoodia 7 months ago

So, which classic puzzle did I use as inspiration this time? Take a gander and a guess.

A line in the wrong position and wrong angle stays white and disappears.
A line in the wrong position but correct angle becomes yellow and disappears.
A line in the correct position and correct angle becomes red and stays.
Try to find all of the red lines.

In other words… It is 2D Mastermind!

Just a few more things to do before audio. I'll concentrate on that this time as I got a taste for voice acting in the last Global Game Jam.

HuvaaKoodia 7 months ago

Spellcasting! I would have preferred Little Robot Workers, but here we go. Think, brain; something simple, please! Took a walk and came up with a plan: drawing lines in a magic circle, trying to find proper symbols.

A puzzle once again, those are quick to make. Will throw in the logic tomorrow and concentrate on audio-visuals as much as possible.


HuvaaKoodia 10 months ago

First free weekend since the jam ended, how did I use it?

I used it well!

Many small improvements and one new feature (the cat statues); final polish, you could say.

Taken that the project did pretty well in the polls, a post-jam version was certainly needed. Having promised it multiple times during the jam, as always, was a factor too.

Try it here

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HuvaaKoodia a year ago

Smooth project; smooth teamwork helps! Ogle at the "Less than perfect" (claims self-critical team member 2) title image.

Try it here, by all means.


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