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10th Alakajam! Solo Again... 0

MatchaMaze • 3 years ago 

Hello everyone!
Back and to the Jam!

This time due to constraints I'll be Jaming alone.
Going for something minimalistic!

Engine: Unity
Graphics: Aseprite, Krita
Audio: Bosca Ceoil, Vegas, Guitar

Streaming as much as I can!
Check out all the streamers!

The end of a jam and some future plans 0

MatchaMaze • 4 years ago 

Thank you everyone for the jam!

Thank You for the Streamer's Choice and the 3rd place in the Team Divison!
There's a lot to process and rethink about game development and all the feedback heleped!

The stream aspect of this past 10 days added a lot to the event!
Thank you for everyone who joined the streams!

Now I'm going back to my normal scheduel. If you have a minigame, demo, prototype, full game, etc. that you would like me to test, showcase, disect live, contact me! Would like to do regular sessions on Fridays!

Wednesday Livestream | Showcasing your games! 0

MatchaMaze • 4 years ago 

Hello Everyone,

Today at 7:00 (UTC+1) I'll be playing the entries!
If you'd like to see your game, please join us and/or contact me!
Hopefully I will be able to play every game, but prioritise on the ones, who are joining the stream!

See You soon!

4th Jam, first stream! 0

MatchaMaze • 4 years ago 

We are Back!

Really excited for this Jam! 72 Hours! So much more time to work!

First time streaming! Check out the "streamers" tab at the Event Dashboard!
You can follow me at

Entering as a Team with Oliminor.
Style: Retro, Pixelart
Game Engine: Unity
Graphics: Aseprite, Krita
Sound: Bosca Ceoil, Vegas Pro, Sound Forge

Team of 2.

Due to my day job I won't be able to jam 100%, but will do the best I can!
Good luck to everyone!

I'm in! Third time the charm 2

MatchaMaze • 4 years ago 

After last times quite unsuccesfull attempt, I'm back with more knowledge and ambition than ever!
(Just realised I missed 2 Jams… Shame..)
This time as a team! On my side is Oliminor (graphics expert)!

Engine: Unity
Graphics: Aseprite
Music: Sound Forge / Bosca ceoil
Motivation: Maltesers

Might even do a dev. log on it… Anyone would be interested?

I'm in! 0

MatchaMaze • 5 years ago 

Hello All,

I'm joining the jam in the last possible second.
More likely than not, I'll use Unity and go for a 2D pixelated game!

Sadly won't be able to do the full 2 days, but I'll do my best!

Good luck to everyone!

"The Attack of the Aliens" on Google Play 1

MatchaMaze • 5 years ago 

The Attack of the Aliens
Available on Google Play!

Try it out! Free! No Ads!

"The Earth is under attack! - The army is out of money!

Luckily the aliens attack only one soldier at a time…
Giving time for the army to raise some money via a tv show…
More show, more money…
Upgrade your soldiers to survive!
Or the aliens for more money…"

A small action game with pixel graphics and music to go with it.
Upgrades and achievements are included!

Finished! 0

MatchaMaze • 5 years ago 

Thank you all for the Jam!
It was really fun to actually finish a game in 48 hours!
And by finish I mean there's a ton of things to do, and might make a full game out of this :)

I'm in - First time (SOLO) 0

MatchaMaze • 5 years ago 

Hello everybody!

First time joining any jam so being a bit clueless…

I'll be doing an HTML5/JS app on a canvas, probably native JS or Processing (p5.js).
Graphics: Paint/Gimp
Sound: Audacity/Bosca ceoil

My goal is to finish a "prototype" for ranked.
Can't work on it all weekend, but worth the challenge!

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