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remco 8 months ago

Yes! Success! :-)

ETA: PS: Title is a bit weird if you know me, since I usually prefer those times (but then I made sure I didn't have work in the morning… not so much this time).

remco 8 months ago

… those of us that've decided to do Unranked still have about a day left ;-)

In the mean-time, here's some progress:

remco 8 months ago

As the ridiculously hot October day draws to a close (… well. almost 2 hours ago), my chores are done and my mindspace has been cleared.

In the mean time, I've had the chance to work on some music:

Lastly, I'll leaf (hehe) you with this gif I made.

remco 8 months ago

Got my concept, it's … a sort of childrens-book pseudo-screensaver thingy where you swipe to (indirectly) control falling leaves through the power of wind. The leaves are a message from Autnum to Winter, that ask to save us from Summer.

First Winter was going to be the most dangerous part of the game but then I found out it'll be 25 ~ 27 degrees Celcius outside today. Mid-Oktober. In the Netherlands.

In completely unrelated news (read: totally related), I've decided to go for the Unranked catagory, also to give myself a little more time to learn GameMaker (Yes, learning engines before gamejams would be sensible, but apearantly I'm not) and give the game the juice it clearly needs (much will depend on the visuals).

Also also, there are some chores planned for monday that occupy a too large a slice of my attention span. Doing them now will free up valuable mind-real-estate (mind-estate?).

Also^3, maybe it's time to get off chasing the high of attempting a good ranking in these type of jams. There is so much left undone when I try to release 'on time', just to get into the '2 day' version of things. Maybe I can pick that up another time.

So, has anyone else (already) decided to go for Unranked? If so, why?

remco 8 months ago


I created an account for the 2nd one, got as far as voting on themes and watching the intro stream on the 3rd edition… hopefully this time an actual game will result. (I know I can do so, I've done a few LDjams.)

Normally I jam with my own (terrible!) C++/SDL ad-hoc engine, but this time seems as good as any to break with what has become too much of a tradition. So, I'll be dithering in & futzing with Game Maker Studio 1.4 this time around, unless an idea comes along that screams for another method.

Have to say; while I'm always more upbeat about themes than most (or so it seems), this shortlist seems especially nice. Can't think of a single one that I even vaguely dislike :-)

Good luck all!

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