And the theme is... TOWER 0

Raindrinker • 4 years ago on 7th Alakajam! 

The 7th Alakajam has started! Let's make awesome games!


The end of the jam is depending on whether you pick ranked or unranked:

  • ranked: Sep 22th 7:00pm UTC, which means you have 48 hours
  • unranked: Sep 23th 10:00pm UTC, which means you have a bit more than 72 hours

After the jam you have one hour of submission time

We all enjoyed the awesome opening ceremony created by TigerJ (Twitter, Twitch). If you missed it, you can still find it at his Twitch channel.

And the theme is "TOWER"


Build it, raise to the top of it, destroy it, or whatever. Conquer the heights.

Cool things to do during the jam

gl hf to all of you and see you on the other side!

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