Electro Evac

Long story short, there was a bugfix to fix a game-crashing bug, then I disabled the bugfix, then I reanabled it. See below the post for the original updates (as it got in the way of the actual description).

We now return you to your regular scheduled description.

Hey There!
Seems the site has finished burning down, and I can actually submit πŸ˜„

I solemnly swear everything worked on Linux before the beginning of the compo submission hour, and I had the whole thing ready to 'go' including the windows-build, screenshots, etc. before the end of that same hour.



Still very tired, so I'll keep it short:


  • W.S.A.D. / arrows to move
  • space to pick-up / put-down lights or batteries


  • put down batteries (or lights) in the green 'Evac' zones to score points
  • … but you'll also need them to power the lights, because no more lights is GAME OVER

answers to questions nobody has asked yet:

  • place batteries next to lights or conveyors to power them
  • new batteries spawn (increasingly slowly) in the red 'Spawn' zones
  • stuff that's already powered can power stuff next to it
  • tip: lights can also be picked up, but won't spawn!

Have fun! πŸ˜„

the original bugfix drama

errr….: Ok, turns out the issues I thought the crash-fix introduced, where in the original. As they're not game-breaking, I will not fix those, but I can reanable the download of the bugfix!

update on update: I've removed the bugfix for now, since it introduced other problems. Just see the crashes as 'in line with the theme'? πŸ˜…

update : Some players have reported crashes, so, per the rules (which specifies that game-breaking bugs like crashes and those only may be fixed), I've placed extra download(s) (which includes updated source-code), clearly marked as a bugfix, next to the original submission(s).

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