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Dig for relics of varying value. Upgrade your pickaxe to dig some more. Proudly display what you've unearthed!
DIG DEEP: Artifactually Incorrect
by dorkulon, Elchao, cloakedninjas, treslapin
Karma: 89Team
Reach the deepest and come back alive.
The Merciless Deep
by benjamin
Karma: 94Solo
destroy cores, jump around, and avoid projectiles
by DaFluffyPotato
Karma: 82Solo
A scientifically inaccurate and simply wrong presentation of whales and their anatomy
Whale whale whale, ...
by TimTips
Karma: 77Solo
A depth-based puzzle-game
Everyone hates depth!
by Bearsacker
Karma: 107Solo
Volcano is angry. Time for sacrifice
Volcanic Diver
by voxel
Karma: 93Solo
Minimal Coding Game
by ratrogue
Karma: 98Solo
Survive in the abyss
Abyss Meal
by Ilkalys, jcochet
Karma: 120Team
How much gold can you pick in that deep cave?
by Wan, BalBoom, Thrainsa
Karma: 99Team
by Talia
Karma: 92Solo
Can you save Atlantis?
The Fall of Atlantis
by Aurel300
Karma: 98Team
Light In The Deep
by MatchaMaze
Karma: 96Team
Steer ball of lava deep into the Earth's mantle using nothing but a fiery rope
Core Drop
by thomastc
Karma: 111Solo
Dive deep inside to the depths of Zarguuf's cellar!
Zarguuf's Cellar
by bradur, Juutis
Karma: 116Team
You wake up in a desert submarine, and try to find out what happened.
After the call
by the1257thornothing
Karma: 87Team
A platformer where you jump from the foreground to the background and vice versa.
Depth Jump
by pikachurian
Karma: 105Team
A game about bringing flowers to your loved one.
Anywhere for you
by Odrez
Karma: 95Solo
A Submarine exploration game
Into The Depths
by TomBuston
Karma: 87Solo
A parkour game with puzzles.
Depth Parkour
by dyguests
Karma: 95Solo
Adventure of a brave goldfish going down in the name of love
Beauty and the Deep
by Subatiq
Karma: 92Solo