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As a beginning developer, the idea that I could market anything I have created is utterly ludicrus to me. It's not that I have anything against marketing, but rather I don't feel comfortable marketing any of my projects.

They're all kinda crap, and I know it. Fun, sure, but not worth a penny in my opinion. That's probably my pride talking right there, but it's a feeling I can't quite get over.

So, I won't be taking on this November challenge. Maybe next time.

Mean time, I intend to take a break for coding as Nanowrimo has started up again, and I plan to take the challenge. I'm a huge fan of games with great stories, so I feel that this will be great practice.

Good luck to everyone taking on the November challenge, and make that sweet sweet lettuce.


While messing around with my own games mechanics, I've tried to take some time to play other entries in this Alakajam. Many of the ones I got to play were either great, or had lots of potential with just a bit of polish.

I am so greatful for all the feedback that I have gotten for my own game, and I am implementing what I can to polish it up just a bit :).

I am a bit sad that some games are windows exclusive :(, and many of them look really cool to play! I run on a Mac, and try as I might, I can't get BootCamp or anything else to run windows properly. Old tech, ya see. I also have issues rendering 3D games. One of them actually crashed my computer.

Ah well, what can you do.


When I submitted my game at 11:59, I was ecstatic!…Until I actually tried to play it on Turns out, I'd forgotten to change the screen size, so everything got squished beyond recognition, and the game was effectively broken and unplayable.

Even though the time had passed, I decided to fix it anyways, messign with the size until I got it right. Took me 6 verisons before I came up with something I could accept. I uploaded the game to and decided to update my Alakajam info.

Luckily for me, there had been a grace period the whole time to finalize the release of my game.

You have no idea how releaved I am that I managed to turn this one in on time despite my last minute errors. :)


11:59 on the freaking dot! I submitted my game!

It is BROKEN, but I got it finished.


I wish I had the time to fix the huge issue with the game, but that's something to work on in the future.


20 minutes to go, and I forgot that it takes time to actually render the game! Ohhhh NOOOOOOO!

Luckily it runs fine, but now I gotta convert to HTML and upload it! I am filled with dread….


Success! My first 3 hours have gotten me far! I now have a working prototype of my game! This is really the first project I've done that wasn't based off of a tutorial of some kind, so it's taking a long time. I hope I can make it look good by the deadline!


Things have happened to where I cannot work on my game until much later tonight :( Curse responsibilities, Spider-Man!

But, it will give me time to really think of my concept. I don't know how to put images in this post, but picture this.

A kitchen several feet above, tossing burger ingredients down to a server below, who must catch the food and fill orders!

Too complicated? Probably, but why not shoot for the stars right?

Will have a long night.

Hope everyone else is doing well with their own projects!


On this, my final ten minute break, I count down the minutes to the end of my shift, to when i can return home and finaly begin work on my game :(

The theme has me a bit stumped, but my goal is to make at least a prototype late tonight!

For now, I anxiously glance at my clock.


I'm excited to get started in my first Alakajam! This is my first real jam with the time limit of only one weekend!

Of course naturally, the one time I decide to take part is when events start happening and important errands need to be run. Ugh.
I'm sad I won't have the entire weekend to make a game, but I will do my best!

I'm a solo developer still learning the ins and outs of Unity. I wish everyone the best of luck in this challenge!


Boy howdy the last month was productive! Yup September was definitley my month. I made so many games and joined so many jams I couldn't keep up!

Wait…am I remembering that right? Oh no…I've slipped out of a spacetime vortex into a reality where none of that ever happened!!

Or maybe I really just didn't do anything. I can't blame everything on a spacetime vortex.

Yeah…so last month was a real slippery slope. No games made, no jams completed, no blog or twitter updates. Heck, barely anything new learned either.

I gotta make the most of October to make up for it. Currently, I am learning the basics of Platformer games, and I hope I can integrate that knowledge into new game jams, including the upcoming Alakajam. I really need to get something done or I'll slip into another vortex of Netflix and Ice Cream pints…

Here's to a new month, and hopefully more productive choices!