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Now that's how you start a blog! :D

Okay, but for real now:

I have never posted or even thought about posting anything like a blog before. I started learning how to program games when I was younger, but only about a month ago did I decide that I reeaaaally wanted to do it. But since I had little experience, I decided to pick up an engine, learn what I could, and then start making games!

I found Alakajam off a random page on my twitter @SnowFoxGames. I'd been given advice to join game jams, but I'm not comfortable going to any in person, especially if it meant working with…gulp…other human beings! (Dun dun dun!!!!)

I'm hoping to improve my skills as a developer as well as gain the confidence to finally poke my head out of my safety shell :)

I am certainly not ready for the weekend only challenge. For goodness sakes, it takes a month for me to be able to get anything done around here!

When the next Kajam starts, I will definitely see to it that I enter.

Look out world! This Fox has teeth and is ready to bite!(Or something)