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Infect all species
by benjamin
Karma: 79Solo
A game about playing Solitaire at work while keeping your boss happy.
PROCRASTINAIRE: Solitairy Confinement
by dorkulon, cloakedninjas, treslapin
Karma: 106Team
London is burning! Can you tame the ever-expanding fire?
The Great Fire
by thomastc
Karma: 85Solo
Minimalistic Tower Defense
by Raindrinker
Karma: 82Solo
a fast paced isometric combat game
Whirling Blades
by DaFluffyPotato
Karma: 61Solo
A kinda hard platformer where moss grows everywhere you go.
Moss Step
by Oat
Karma: 82Solo
There's only one way to fight Replicants: flee the galaxy!
A.G. Hope
by Wan, Thrainsa
Karma: 93Team
Wade through the wizard's swamp in search of Gems, but beware the guardian towers and trust nothing that makes its home in the thick mud.
by voxel
Karma: 79Solo
Grow increasingly complicated molecules
Molecule Mash
by Kleinzach
Karma: 103Solo
Chibi's On An Island trying to survive
by kartercas, DanteG, SpookGal
Karma: 81Team
Hustle some hunks out of the dungeon.
Hunk Hustler
by sebastianscaini, Josh_Schwarm, Wulusi
Karma: 79Team
Just a poor seed who'd like to be a fully grown tree.
I Wanna Be A Tree
by Antti Haavikko
Karma: 65Solo
Way down in it
by hyperlinkyourheart
Karma: 102Solo
Always Mowing
by TigerJ
Karma: 84Solo
The darkness grows. Keep the light alive as you attempt to escape from the monolith.
by Flubz, Desfro, Tom, ZzSteve
Karma: 87Team
Be the viking barber you've always wanted to be.
Fus Ro Cut
by vdwjeff, krantent
Karma: 100Team
The enemies just keep coming! A fast paced FPS with potato graphics.
Endless Arena
by Akselmo
Karma: 97Solo
Reach the End of the Universe!
Ridiculous Jump
by euske
Karma: 88Solo
A little game in which powerups add together without any real limit to how absurdly overpowered you can get.
Infinite Potential
by Iris
Karma: 89Solo
Roll down the mountainside collecting snowy mass and smash the target cabin.
Cabin Smash Craze
by Juutis, M2tias, bradur
Karma: 113Team