The age of circle strafing returns in RAYKA, made for the 9th Kajam gamejam! Fight through three low resolution pixelly levels in this authentic raycasting blaster! Collect eight weapons and fight various enemies! Listen to my barely passable soundtrack!

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Here are some Alakajam / Dos Game Club community eastereggs for you to spot on DOCK DANGER (level 2).
Unmissable tier:

  • Toasty
  • Wan
  • rnlf

Easy tier:

  • Kdrnic
  • Tijn
  • Yozy

Blink and you'll miss it:

  • M2tias
  • Dollarone

Hidden in plain sight:

  • Ratking
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The game looks amazing, well done @voxel. I'm keen to play more but will be busy failing to complete my entry for the next few hours.

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Blimey, that was incredible. Congratulations voxel, that's one of the best games I've played in the last year.

You have a lot of different textures here, and the different environments really feel very different from one another. The enemies are varied which keeps it interesting, and the difficulty is pretty balanced.

Also the raycasting engine looks fantastic. Lots of cool bits like varied heights, partially transparent walls, flat walls, lighting: having now tried to build a raycaster, I can really appreciate these!

As always the humour was great. I love the guns. SFX and music were spot-on too, and the gibbing animations are a nice touch.

The only minor quibble I can find is that on occasion I can see an enemy through a thin wall. Doesn't affect the gameplay at all, but I wanted to say something useful.

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What a great entry, not only for this Kajam but for the whole Alakajam! The creativity of it, the humor, the fun, the easter eggs, the polish - it's nearly perfect. Add 2 levels more and you already have a game that is better than 80% of the stuff on Steam.

The only thing I would note is that you can shoot enemies through walls (not that I complain), but on the other hand it makes sense as those walls are only paper thin. (And I am not a fan of the gun sound, but this also makes a lot more sense later in the game.)

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Wow… both the scope and the level of polish on this is amazing! :-D From the fade in/out on the start of a new area to spawning different kinds of enemies, actual level design, tons of textures, music, SFX… it's just all there. All those subtle things like the look-holes in the prison exterior, or recessed walls in several places. A fully featured game.

About the only complaint I have is that there wasn't a cursor in the middle, making it a bit hard to aim (until I realized that of course, it was the middle, not the vertical line where the gun is shown, but still). Also those poor dogs. Well, I guess they did attack me first!

Out of curiosity, how much of your Januari was spent on making this?

P.S. If you say the 'Fijn Dijning' part of 'Tijns Fijn Dijning' in Dutch it actually sounds really close (perhaps indistinguisable) to how you'd say 'Fine Dining' in English, which makes that joke really funny.

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Excellent stuff. Really enjoyed the level design and the differnet weapons. The fireball teachers were difficult but I just had to git gud and learn to strafe again. The big blob eye of the beholder thing, does he do a lot of damage? We will never know because at that point I just shot everything that moved with my bugged ammo (INF).

Awesome story and levels, really like how it changes a lot both in sprites and layouts. Enjoyed finding ALL THE SECRETS, especially Tijn's secret sauce.

Great stuff, don't forget us when you're Notch mk2.

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Man, that last gun got me :D Also I particularly enjoyed that "ueh" sound the monks(?) make.

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I found the bobbing of the weapons unnerving with the last level's music. Cool stuff. Make more.
I didn't find the last guns until I had cleaned up the level :(
Music was fine, but some drum sounds were a bit harsh in the last level. Right click feature was fun!

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If the guys who made Duke Nukem Forever released this instead, it would have had better reviews.

That's all there is to say :D

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