[In progress] Robot Duels

Year 2301.

The Fifth World War is taking place between humanity and sentient robots. On the war front of the Americas, The Temple of Uaxaclajuun turns out to be a major strategic point. Humans & robots, despite their fierce confrontation, agree on the historical importance of this temple. Instead of full-scale battles, they have chosen to organize one-on-one duels to decide who gets to control the area.

Humans send their remotely-controlled blue androids.

Robots send their fully autonomous red machines.

Let the duels begin.

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18 days ago

Can't wait to play this! Very interested to see how your AI will work.

16 days ago

Wow the art is amazing O_O really digging it

I want to play this so much :D

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Lead the battle between human-controlled and AI-powered robots.


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