Wan on 4th Kajam entry Uncanny Ballet

Hopefully today's not yet the day I will break my achievement of entering all Kajams. Here's a quick look at my previous entries:

1st Kajam 2nd Kajam 3rd Kajam
Theme: Game juice Theme: Sound Effects Theme: Story

Rat Park

Kommandant RNLF

Unknown Sender

For this new event I'm currently thinking of the following:

  • Pixel-art platformer on a unique, single-screen level
  • 1-on-1 fight against AI with a variety of items
  • Randomized weapon/heal/buff spawn

In short, something close to a simplified Super Crate Box with a nice opportunity to have fun with the AI. I don't think I'll do too much technical research on AI in general, I'll just have fun with a finite state machine.

EDIT: First progress gif (red is an AI jumping around randomly)

EDIT2: I have created a page for my work-in-progress entry as Robot Duels

Comments (3)

10 months ago

Good luck! With state machines alone you can do wonders.

Just played Unknown Sender. Really cool! Wanna see what you do with this one.

10 months ago

Looking forward to playing this, as usual. Also nice GIF :D

10 months ago

Just seen the gif. Wow, just jumping randomly, and he already looks no much less intelligent than the controlled character. Reminded me of this great gdc talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xWg54mdQos

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