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Find maps fragments to reach the secret chest !
Pirate's Trial : A Scavenger Hunt
by benjamin
Karma: 96Solo
A ship-themed puzzle box.
H.M.S. Relentless Puzzler
by Aurel300
Karma: 86Team
explore the world and organize maps
by DaFluffyPotato
Karma: 90Solo
Explore, trade, and sail your ship around the world!
Around The World
by thomastc
Karma: 101Solo
Aliens need a ride home!
Intergalactic Tycoon
by Juutis
Karma: 101Solo
Avoid be mapped by those dammed ships
Cartography-less Island
by katuiche
Karma: 98Solo
Too many maps, too little time
Jolly Mapster
by TimTips
Karma: 81Solo
Will you bring all this sailors to their destination?
Sailor Swift
by Tipyx, Titaninette
Karma: 107Team
A single fighter can do more than an entire fleet
Gimbal Commando
by Wan, Thrainsa
Karma: 105Team
play _with_ the map
Islands Recharted!
by remco
Karma: 103Solo
Explore an archipelago, seduce other sailors
by Rémy🍬
Karma: 80Solo
Fight for the highest score in a chaotic arena!
Chaos Arena
by M2tias
Karma: 88Solo
A 2D one-stick shooter made only with particles where you have to bring the chaos back to the world.
by ddorn
Karma: 87Solo
On a journey to fulfil the Chaos Lords pizza order, you sail through the One True Lands, collecting ingredients, meeting islanders and keeping crew morale high!
You're a Pizza Ship!
by HonestDan, brainoidgames
Karma: 107Team
by elZach, Odrez, Talia
Karma: 93Team
Observe your 3D environment and guess on which map you are
Square Maps
by psevrain
Karma: 89Solo
Sail the seas and defeat the enemies.
Combat your soul
by javucha, daviro, gechy, viciao100
Karma: 98Team
Сan you survive in the deadly battle of ships?
Sea Skirmish
by DictorDro
Karma: 105Solo
Dash round a World Map trying to reach as many ports as possible in the time limit!
Port Panic
by AaronBacon
Karma: 91Solo
Escape from the road pirates
Road to freedom
by Nobleboy, Juckey, supreme, yuang
Karma: 94Team