OK so yeah I'm in of course :) 0

thomastc • 1 year ago on 17th Alakajam! entry  River Rapids

Going to use Godot 4, I see RC5 just dropped! Let's see how many bugs are still left :)

Fortunately River was one of the few themes where I had a more or less concrete idea. Let's see where it takes me.

Have fun y'all!

Alright, So I'm in, again... 0

Corbarrad • 1 year ago on 17th Alakajam! entry  Thank you for littering

I do not expect to finish since there are other demands on my time this weekend, but I at least want to put in some effort, so maybe I have enough of a portfolio to join a team next time around.
Not a seasoned game developer by any means, but I have some solid all around IT knowledge plus a bit of an artistic streak that I plan on neglecting a little less in the future.
I plan on using Godot for the engine and any tools that I can get my hands on during the weekend to create my assets.

Good luck, everyone and may procrastination strike at some other time.

We're in... and ChatGPT may join the team 5

Wan • 1 year ago on 17th Alakajam! entry  River on Venus

@thrainsa and I will be back for the upcoming jam! We'll make our game with Unity as usual. Heres our last few entries:


Regarding the ChatGPT thing, I've been experimenting a bit with it to see how it could work as our creative director of the jam. Honestly it could be fun to leave the AI in charge of all big decisions while we do the dirty work :,-) I have pasted below my current version of a prompt, feel free to play with it! Here's an example exchange I managed to get. Not sure if we'll actually use it during the week-end but it's tempting.

We are going to role play a team trying to create a video game from scratch in a week-end for an Alakajam event. You will be GPT, the team leader and creative director of the project. The echange format will be as follows:

Wan or Thrainsa: <a question>

GPT: <your answer>

You will only write GPT's answers and their eventual followup questions, while I will write messages from team members Thrainsa & Wan. GPT will offer good advice taking in account the skills of Thrainsa & Wan, the limitations of making a video game in a week-end, the current progress and obstacles, and the remaining available time. GPT will make sure the game scope remains reasonable. GPT may ask relevant and pragmatic questions (but only one at a time) to gain better insight on the situation, and will take decisions accordingly. GPT is full of imagination and has creative ideas to share about game ideas & game design.

Wan: The Alakajam has just started, and the theme is "XXX". Any idea what kind of game we should make?

I'm in 1

IAmAPancake • 1 year ago on 17th Alakajam! entry  Wave Warrior

I've got a bit of experience in Python, which is the language I plan on making this game in, with pygame as my main "engine".
I hope to pick up some useful skills (although, let's be honest, I'll probably crunch to the last minute) and finish a project for once.
Good luck!

I'm in 5

voxel • 1 year ago on 17th Alakajam! entry  FISH

I've been a bit disengaged from AKJ but I'm looking forward to participating in AKJ17, which will finally be the jam where GIANT ROBOTS is chosen as the theme

Lately I've been dabbling in NES assembly programming, so that's probably what I'll use. I've done a (not great) NES entry using C before, but I've honed my 6502 assembly in onehourgamejam to the point where I can definitely cause some trouble in a jam timeframe.

Islands 0

joshalex5 • 1 year ago on 16th Alakajam! 

Excited to be joining in this jam again - the last time I entered was about a year ago (if my maths is right).

I'm going for a god-game type experience, hopefully its not too ambitious :))

Making everything myself or using free assets if needed, my partner might help me with music if I ask nicely though!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone makes. Good luck all!

We are in 0

Laguna • 1 year ago on 16th Alakajam! entry  Pirate Warmup

BloodyOrange and I will join the 16th Alakajam. This time just the two of us (compared to the 14th Alakajam where we participated in a group of 6).

I will use my JamTemplate as a starting point for coding and Reaper for music, SFXR for sounds.
BloodyOrange will use aseprite for art and if needed Tiled.

We will try to aim for a smaller game, but let's see what we end up with.

I'm In! 0

TimTips • 1 year ago on 16th Alakajam! entry  mIslands

Hey guys, I'm in!
a few weeks ago, I've been learning to use Blender a little better. I did the infamous beginner Donut-Tutorial and some other stuff and had a lot of fun. So this time I aim to create a game in 3D - which I haven't done in forever.
I'll use Unity together with Jetbrains Rider. I'll create some music and sound effects with virtual instruments (mostly Native Instruments) and Reaper.
Looking forward to making a game and to see and play yours!

edit: I'm really looking forward to the kickoff stream! Thanks for hosting that guys!

Let's jam! 1

Aurel300 • 1 year ago on 16th Alakajam! entry  Levitatium

Using… you know it, Haxe!

Maybe I'll try to make a metroidvania?

Way behind on sleep, but still joining 5

thomastc • 1 year ago on 16th Alakajam! entry  Poseidon

We have a good shortlist of themes again, and I'm looking forward to jamming! Too bad that I haven't had a good night's sleep for about two weeks now. Let's see how it goes.

Toolset is the usual: Godot, Krita/Aseprite/Inkscape depending on art style, Audacity/jfxr, LMMS.