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sweMezza • 5 days ago on 11th Alakajam! entry  Flooded ruins


This will be my first ever game jam. I want to challenge myself as a part of me learning a new language and framework, something I do to keep my coding skills alive (I don't use them that much in my day to day work anymore).

I'll be using Python and pygame, will aim to complete within 48 hrs… No idea what I will build!

I'm looking forward to try all your games. Good luck!

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yozy • 5 days ago on 11th Alakajam! entry  Ruintris

Hey, I am Jozef and this will be my second time participating here. First one was Raycasting Kajam and it was a lot of fun.

Since I am still very green in all game-related stuff, I will be using Love2D and writing everything in Lua (in vim). In my last project I've managed to make my program segfault and never really find out why, so this time around I'll try to avoid that.

I feel that no matter the theme, I will probably end up making something using mostly geometric graphics. One thing I wanted to try was to make music using one of those simplified-music-production mobile apps, so we'll see where that goes.

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itsyukio • 6 days ago on 11th Alakajam! 

i make games

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ReactorScram • 9 days ago on 11th Alakajam! entry  Ancient Ruins Unscape Room and Theme Park! (Off US 12 in the Wisconsin Dells!)

I took a break from jams a few years ago, and I want to try again now.

This time I'll be using TypeScript and HTML5 for all the 'game' stuff, and maybe a Rust web backend.

Base code's here:

I want to make a generic Rust backend for spectating games, and I'll reuse some of the TypeScript boilerplate, but none of the assets or game logic.

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ratrogue • 1 month ago on 9th Kajam entry  rc-test

Here's a short video I made for a post mortem blog post:

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voxel • 1 month ago on 9th Kajam entry  RAYKA

Checking out the prison cells

Meeting a doggo in a tunnel

Might have made a mess here

Meeting the staff and students in the re-education centre

A very blocky train at the yard

A Small Question About The Jam 3

DevHedronYT • 1 month ago on 9th Kajam 

Can I use pre-written code? Like code from other projects?

Working renderer and movement 5

Wan • 1 month ago on 9th Kajam entry  Ancient Digipts

My first attempt at a raycaster is made in Rust and finally getting some progress. I'm basically following the Lodev tutorial while making the code a bit more object-oriented.

The first fancy thing I've done is making the game map load from a PNG file, with each pixel matching with a tile. Even the color palette is dynamically loaded (from another PNG holding a single row of pixels), and can be easily changed. Indexes in the palette hold the semantics of each tile:

  • Index 0 is a floor
  • Index Len - 1 is the player spawn
  • Index Len - 2 is the initial tile the player is looking at
  • Other indexes are walls of various colors

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voxel • 1 month ago on 9th Kajam entry  RAYKA

Added directional sprite support to my raycaster today, so now you can see FRIENDLY WORLD INHABITANTS from multiple directions

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remco • 1 month ago on 9th Kajam entry  Super Marble Kick 2000 DX

… as long as they kind of look cool:

Working in 3D always seems to produce the best effects whenever anything goes wrong. Anyone else have any artful embarassments yet? If so, it might be nice to share 😁