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Wan • 1 year ago on 7th Alakajam! entry  Arkenstone

Hello from France!

We're finally gathering again our team of friends that first worked together for LD43 (see pic on the right for the resulting game).

The Dream Team

BalBoom and Thrainsa last worked together for the 5th Alakajam yielding the Trinity puzzle game. I'm also a regular partner of Thrainsa, just check our profiles to see how many jams we joined together :)

Our plans

The goal this time is to make a platformer (probably not tile-based), the kind of stuff that is easy to make when taking advantage of Unity's physics engine and its other native tools. That would mean less time writing code, more with the level editor making actual contents.

The idea is inspired by a short game (see gif below) made back in 2017 for the very last MiniLD held by Ludum Dare. I had lots of fun making it with very little code: most of the time was spent drawing random shapes on Photoshop, importing them into Unity and building levels out of them. Reusing that approach as a starting point would be great to quickly get BalBoom up to speed as our level designer.

Good luck to all!

We are in! 4

Lokior • 1 year ago on 7th Alakajam! entry  Icy Data Tower V2 !

Hey guys, first post in for our team!

My younger cousin(17) and I(33) will be participating.
We're also bringing our sound deisgner friend :)
I'm initiating him to the wondrous of Alakajammin.

@Wharf49 - Designer Junior
@Lokior - All-Around Champion
@Heartreiz - Sound person-Best person

Tool used:
Engine: Unreal Engine 4.21
2d art: aesprite
2d art: (deal with it)
3d art: Blender (We're all free spirits)
Sound: FL Studio
Sound: FMA (last resort)
Sound: Freesound (for all the dings, tings and boings)

It will be the perfect time to meet up and work on a nice little project for the weekend.
We'll probably be on twitch for all of you pesky french speakers.


First Alakajam! 1

LogicaLinsanity • 1 year ago on 7th Alakajam! entry  Tower Archer Defender

First time joining this jam been looking for something this month. I'm excited to have a try! I'll be working solo using Unity Engine.

Four fish 1

SavedByZero • 1 year ago on Climate Change Jam entry  Garbage Monger

Here are four fish I made for four prospective upcoming levels. Art isn't my specialty, but at least I feel like I got the expressions right. The black shadow part is the kaiju form that scales up. If you stop each fish from mutating into a kaiju for long enough, it swims away, saved, and the next one will come. The seahorse is probably going to be the most challening, due to its size and the waypoints I'll give it.

There will also be a limited use "de-mutate" power for the robot fish that you'll be able to acquire in a simple store interface.

Alakajam! non-profit new board!!! 1

Thrainsa • 1 year ago 

The last meeting to run the new board elections was a success.
Thanks to all the participants:

We discuss about this last year’s events, the future of Alakajam and elected the new board:

Give a thanks for this good year of Alakajam to the old board:

New project 2

dollarone • 1 year ago 

I'm currently working on my game for the js13k competition. As you might infer from the compo's name, you only have 13k to make your game, which rules out most frameworks. I've done this a few times before, and because of the restrictions, the things I end up spending time on are a bit different from more "standard" jams. For example:

Yesterday, I looked at how to do graphics. I want to have some minimal pixel art in my game, but even small images can take up significant space, so I want a solution as cheap as possible in terms of space. I looked at creating an Image object dynamically, which lead me to looking at the data structure and the getImageData() and putImageData() methods - but I concluded that creating my own structure and just drawing the pixels individually is a cheap and good enough way for what I need.

Before that, I spent a fair amount of time researching how fonts work in HTML5 Canvas and especially how to not anti-alias them and how to make them crisp and clear even with a small resolution. There are some libraries that will give you a cross-browser/OS consistent font, but I don't want to dedicate too much space to this.

Today I am looking at mouse input. If I didn't use canvas, it would be easy, I could just attach events on images or buttons. However, in canvas you basically only get a single event (there is a addHitRegion() API but it's currently only available in experimental builds of Chrome and Firefox). Looks like I'll have to write my own thing to temporarily add a thing you can click on.

If I had been using a framework (like Phaser or otherwise), pretty much all of this is taken care of for me and I could focus on gameplay and features instead. I do enjoy the different approach and it is interesting to write a game completely from scratch every now and again. It is also amazing to see how much people can get out of 13k worth of javascript - the deadline is September 13th if you're interested!

Alakajam! non-profit meeting tonight 0

Wan • 1 year ago 

Alakajam is a non-profit organization, which means we run elections every year to choose a new board! It's also an opportunity to recap the year, so everyone is welcome to assist it. The meeting will be held on our Discord server, this Thursday 22 August at around 7pm UTC. More info in the pic below!

Tweaks 0

SavedByZero • 1 year ago on Climate Change Jam entry  Garbage Monger

Adjusted the balance a bit (robot fish takes 2 seconds to digest now instead of 5) and added a garbage count.

Future design plans go like this:

After keeping the fish at least one mutation away from "fish kong" for a long enough period, it will swim off, add itself to a rescue tally (points proportional to how little de-mutation it needed), and another fish, or several, will swim into view. New kinds of fish, new looks, new paths, different speeds. Keep them safe for long enough, and the cycle will keep going.

Right now I don't have the art resources or the time to make any of that look remotely decent, but the goal for this was basically to make a one level concept demo.

Submitted "Forest Poems" 0

ratrogue • 1 year ago on Climate Change Jam entry  Forest Poems

Our first "game" for the Alakajam, yay!

Thanks to everybody participating in this jam - it means a lot to us, and hopefully it will indeed have an impact, however small it might be.

It's END !!! Release of Fish And Plastic 1

Sullixou • 1 year ago on Climate Change Jam entry  Fish And Plastic

IT'S END !!!!

After one week of work the Fish and plastic game is able !

I hope you enjoy and have fun , thanks for play it and for support our entry :hugging:

Fish An Plastic

Come test our little game where you incarnate Billy the fish in is survive. The goal is simple you must survive the most possible you can without touch trashes and be catch !

Will you survive enough to see the true end ?