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DictorDro • 3 years ago on 10th Alakajam! entry  Sea Skirmish

Hi there!
I would like to write my thoughts about the current format of themes. Instead of only one theme there are 3 theme themes available!

At first sight this is much less restricting you in ideas and field of work. Just choose your most liked theme, and work on it.
But at the other hand it is tempting to choose all three themes - challenge yoursels, so to speak, be hero.
Like "if I chose only one theme, I will seem week (to myself). I should try the hardest level - pick all three". And then fight with yourself began - ease of one theme vs challending of thee themes. Then if you pick all three themes you unexpectedly for yourself feel more restricting - it's actually pretty hard to link them!

And you find yourself in a situation where the imaginary ease became complex reality. And you feel yourself discomfortable :/
(And eventually I picked all the themes - option of challenging myself has won ;)

If course, I'm exaggerating this situation, but I think you understand bearer. But anyway - only I have such thinking, or someone else? Please write your thoughts!

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 • 3 years ago • 

It was the same for us, the challenge was too good to pass! We thought that at worst we would have to abandon one or two themes during the week-end and go back to just one.

In the end our entry doesn't have too much Chaos and slightly cheats on Maps, at least we have one theme right :D

 • 3 years ago • 

I felt compelled to do all three as well. That felt a bit more restrictive during the jam, but thinking back, instead of continously rejecting ideas and finally pouncing on one that 'feels' both unique and playable enough, it sort of led me to iterate on a single idea in order to get all the themes in, and by the time I was done I felt it had both of those qualities.

I still wonder what would have happened if everyone just had the main theme. Or what would've been done if the other themes where 'Moon' and 'Order', both of which almost happened. Not just for my game, but for the others as well, as it seems a lot of people at least tried to put all the themes in.

  • 3 years ago • 

@Wan that's very cool that you take it easy ;)

  • 3 years ago • 

@remco yea, it's turned out to be pretty good combination of themes

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