Call_in 10 months ago on 5th Kajam

Hey everyone, I've some time to spare lately so let's go with this kajam. I just have a question first: Can I use an entry that i'm developing for the LOWREZ JAM ? That's an oppurtunity for me to continue working on my LOWREZ JAM entry and I think that could fit the theme nicely with a bit of sup work. I've started the dev today so I don't have any overtime. I just want to be sure that I can enter. Good luck everyone and have fun !

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10 months ago

Oh yeah the LOWREZ JAM and this month's Kajam are strangely matching! And I confirm, there's no rule against submitting a game to both jams, feel free to do so :)

10 months ago

Thanks @Wan for the answer, let's make a good game :D

10 months ago

good luck!

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