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MrAmericanMike • 7 months ago on 10th Alakajam! 

Just looking around at what's going on for this 10th Alakajam.
I'm confused as to why there are 3 themes, but then I can see on a banner that they "kinda" explain it.

I don't see the reason for the 3 themes, but I see that a theme is the legit winner, another is a random from the "Shortlist" and anotherone is choosen by a viewer (whatever that means, I assume, during some stream?)

But the shortlist has 20 themes and none is "Chaos" so how did Chaos end on the final 3 themes?

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 • 7 months ago • 

Watch the stream vod. It's explained there

 • 7 months ago • 

it was a mini game during the launch stream where viewers had to choose between Jamacian theme: order and Jellymancer theme: chaos.

The theme chosen by a viewer was chosen from the shortlist ;)

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