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Protect your crystal heart from the miners in Crystal Miners.
Crystal Miners
by FABBRIBOY, SrLebre, turbo
Karma: 66Unranked
Find your way back to the Mothership!
alien to the past
by Aurel300
Karma: 95Team
Puzzle game about mining. You need to build the optimal rail to collect the emeralds.
Crazy Minecart Miner
by xilentor
Karma: 82Solo
Help Titus Tremulus escape from a dangerous cave!
by thomastc
Karma: 101Solo
making your way home
by chiyeon
Karma: 94Solo
Explore the underground with a narrator guiding you (Headphones recommended)
The Underground Hollow
by ToasterTot
Karma: 98Solo
don't get crushed by the collapsing cave!
by DaFluffyPotato
Karma: 75Solo
Survive stranded in a dark cave, with your light quickly running out.
by ArBe
Karma: 89Solo
Navigate Your Batness through the cave to fill their crave!
Cave Crave
by euske
Karma: 89Solo
a game about mining and base-building
Defense Diggers
by Baconinvader
Karma: 119Team
Explore the caverns to find your missing brother
Search for Arryn
by Jokatti, M2tias
Karma: 129Team
Use echo-location to eat all the flies in the cave
by DiningPhilosopher, Papaver
Karma: 90Team
A simple HTML adventure game
The Witch, the Moon, and Alice
by heyheyhey
Karma: 98Solo
Shoot em up where your enemy is the terrain
by yozy
Karma: 103Solo
Physics based mining puzzler
Mining Mayhem
by joshalex5
Karma: 97Unranked
Cave horror
by toasty, rnlf
Karma: 99Unranked
Create your own caves!
by DictorDro
Karma: 110Solo
Your cities water supply is full of junk and it's making people sick! Deploy your junk rover and clean up the water source.
Spelunk the Junk
by Zerk, th3Seeker02
Karma: 81Team
You were exploring a cave when it suddenly collapsed while you were inside. The only way to get out was damaged, and it's up to you to repair it and escape.
Cave Collapse
by BPM
Karma: 88Solo
Normal Platformer
Blue Cave
by Hotter
Karma: 101Solo