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Because I don't believe I'll be awake before submissions are over, I've submitted what I've finished tonight, and while it could be more polished, I quite like the finished product (even if the puzzles are pretty lackluster and drag on too long).

It can be found here.


Aside from a few issues and adding a start screen and end screen, all that's left to do is add more levels… which'll probably be harder than I'm imagining.


Didn't get much done in the first day because I spent most of it trying to figure out a line of sight system that I ditched after a few hours of failure. Instead I've gone with this weird system where you can only see the 9 tiles around any space that you've previously been.

Since that didn't make sense as a sight system, the player is now a map maker.

If I have the time I might try to make some nicer tiles, but for now I'm just imitating the symbols used in ASCII roguelikes.


I will be using Löve2D and Gimp.