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6 hours to go.. 0

RUWO • 6 years ago 

it's almost over! i'm going to spend 2 more hours finishing my hiding AI, pobably another hour to fix an anoying unity collider bug. after that, maybe some music? if i have time? and after that some more polishing, tweaking and packaging

finishing up.... kinda 2

RUWO • 6 years ago 

i decided to do some of the polishing work yesterday evening, like title and end screens, so that today the "only" thing i had to do is enemy AI. simple right?:-(

i'm in again! 0

RUWO • 6 years ago 

this will be my second game jam and second alakajam! so exited to be part of this again. i will be using unity for th game

1st gamejam 1

RUWO • 6 years ago 

i was thinking, i should do a pretty small game jam, just as a first, just to try some stuf and see how i like it.
so here i am. hoping i wont screw anything up big-time!
i will be using unity with visual studio for development, and fusion 360 for moddeling. just what familiar with. probably will also use some other obscure program to do some odd task no-one could predict i was going to need to do this weekend.
oh, and i mention i cant english? also, my exams on monday look very prommising!

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