Want us to play your game in the next tournament? 0

toasty • 5 years ago on 3rd AKJ Tournament 

The 3rd AKJ Tournament is nearly upon us!

And you know what that means, right? Correct! We need some games to play. Have you recently made a game you think would be a good fit for the tournament? Then submit it here by 14th March!

If your game has a score which people can screenshot, it's elligible!

Aaaaand the results are OUT! 1

toasty • 5 years ago on 4th Alakajam! 

It's official: the results for the 4th Alakajam! are out!

You can find the results here:

Solo winners | Team winners

Kudos, high fives and back slaps to everyone who participated, in whatever way(s) you chose to. We hope you had a blast!

Now, we've got a teeny tiny little survey which you can fill in—just some feedback on how things are running, whether you'd like to get involved, and asking your opinion on some important future decisions.

OK, what's next?

November Challenge: November 2018
What's a November Challenge? Good question! Ever wondered what happens after you've made a game? @DaFluffyPotato will host this event taking us through marketing & releasing a game to the outside world, and maybe even making a profit :o

Behind the Scenes

Many thanks to the awesome @Tipyx for hosting this jam, and his little minions for helping out with maintenance and streaming. Also many thanks to those of you who jammed, played, streamed and/or speedran(runned?), as well as you, the community, for making this what it is.

We hope to see you soon! :)

The tournament is over! 3

toasty • 5 years ago on 2nd AKJ Tournament 

Game over!

We're sad to report that the tournament is now finished. Well done everybody who participated, and special congratulations to the winners, for pwning the rest of us with their awesome skills.

We had a great selection of games, and even though the tournament is over you can still play them! So if you haven't managed to play all (or even any) of the games, you still can (and should)!

What's next, eh?

Get some well-deserved R&R, but make sure you're back in time for the 4th Alakajam! on October 12-14th. It's gonna be magical! :P

2nd AKJ Tournament belatedly begins! 3

toasty • 5 years ago on 2nd AKJ Tournament 

Here it is, at last: the 2nd AKJ Tournament!

"Hey, why the late starting date?"

We decided to delay slightly, to allow thorough voting on the 5th Kajam (theme: "Retro"). You can view the results here. Congratulations to the winners, and to everybody who participated!

So, what's this tournament all about?

Between the 9th and 23rd of September 2018 we'll be playing and competing at six games submitted to previous competitions. You can see the rules here.

Enough! What are the games already?!

Hunk Hustlersebastianscaini, Josh_Schwarm, Wulusi, carsonmackieBeat-em-up3rd Alakajam!
MAD SEEDvoxelFirst Person Shooter3rd Alakajam!
PandemiabenjaminPuzzle3rd Alakajam!Play vs 1 AI
Philosopher's StrikeWan, ThrainsaSpace Shooter1st Alakajam!
Thyl's TaleLaguna, KaramBharj, Thunraz, xXBloodyOrangeAction RPG5th Kajam
Whirling BladesDaFluffyPotatoIsometric Combat3rd Alakajam!

Graphician required! 4

toasty • 5 years ago on 3rd Alakajam! 

Attention model sculptors and pixel miners! @dollarone, @kyle3wynn and I are teaming up for the jam but we're still looking for someone who can make it look beautiful!

Let us know in IRC or on crowdforge if you're interested :)

EDIT: Welcome aboard, @James_Deans_Jeans! :)

I'm in! 0

toasty • 5 years ago on 3rd Alakajam! 

Count me in! I'm teaming up with @dollarone and possibly others. We're currently looking for a pixel miner and a sound crafter in case you're interested! :D


toasty • 6 years ago on 4th Kajam 

The 4th Kajam is done!

I know, I know. I'm sad too. But put away those tissues, because we've got some great stuff coming right up!

First of all, don't forget to

Check out those winners

Second, cast your eyes to the month of May (hint: it's tomorrow) for the first

Alakajam Tournament

All month we'll be not just playing, but competing in the shortlisted games, posting our scores using the new scoring system built by @wan. Great stuff, huh? Huh?!

Prison Breakpoint: neck and neck 0

toasty • 6 years ago on 4th Kajam entry  Prison Breakpoint

There's just an hour left to vote! If you haven't already voted, you really should. If you have, though, why not try to improve your score on Prison Breakpoint? :D

To get you motivated, here are the top 5 scores for each level so far ;)

Level 1

Player Score
Wan 100
Thomas 100
Rain 100
vede 100
kdrnic 100

Level 2

Player Score
Bubba 100
Wan 98
vede 98
Thomas 96
Ferri 96

Level 3

Player Score
Bubba 100
Thomas 97
Wan 96
vede 93
Aurel 82

Level 4

Player Score
Wan 215
Thomas 210
Ferri 206
vede 192
Bubba 142

Level 5

Player Score
Wan 100
Bubba 100
Ferri 99
Thomas 94
vede 92

Level 6

Player Score
Bubba 139
Wan 138
Thomas 134

Level 7

Player Score
Wan 200
Thomas 186
Bubba 144

Hacking up an old game 0

toasty • 6 years ago on 1st AKJ Tournament 

A remake nobody asked for

I'm planning to submit my MiniLD 74 entry, Cooperoids for the first AKJ tournament. Not happy with the way the game currently looks, though, I'm releasing a brand new edition. Introducing Cooperoids: Tournament Edition (oooOOooh).

In brief, expect (hopefully) fixed audio, better graphics and more intense gameplay (full description here). Enjoy! :)

Released! 2

toasty • 6 years ago on 4th Kajam entry  Prison Breakpoint

And so I have jettisoned my fragile game, Prison Breakpoint, into the internet wilderness, ready to be devoured by a howling mob of people with probably totally valid criticisms.

I'll write a longer reflective post after the voting stage, but these are my initial thoughts on the game.

  • I had to crunch pretty hard last night to turn what was a congealed blob of JavaScript spaghetti into something resembling a game, but am happy with the end result. It's definitely basic in some ways (the art styles are mixed and incoherent; there's no SFX or music), but it does have a reasonable level of polish.

  • Because I lost a big chunk of time, there's not a whole lot of AI. The whole game is about writing some AI, which is enough to get into the jam, but it still feels like a cop-out. I would have preferred more AI in this game.

  • The elephant in the room: I suspect this game is a bit too inaccessible. It's not particularly hard, but… you have to read a manual. Seriously. What the heck was I thinking?