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Call_in • 9 months ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! 

Hey there,

I've already participated in 2 Alakajams by the past but I don't have much time with me because of work.

But I'll try to do something nonetheless !
I'll be using my own game engine written in Typescript that I hope to get ready in time for the jam.

Main toolset:

  • Text: VS Code
  • Graphics: PyxelEdit and/or Affinity Designer
  • Music/Sounds: Bosca Ceoil

Music and SFX station at the ready! 0

dorkulon • 9 months ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! entry  Hello, Operator?

Super excited for our 4th Alakajam! As usual I'll be using Ableton as my DAW and a variety of instruments and noisemakers in the process.

This Alakajam happens to coincide with a long national holiday weekend here in Finland, so we're happy to have today off to clean up, relax, plan our meals a bit, and prep our workstations for the weekend.

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thomastc • 9 months ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! entry  OVID-20

This is just so you can avoid making the same game as I do ;)

  • Cards: a top-down, turn-based, deck-building Kard Racing game. If that doesn't sound intriguing, I don't know what will. Hot seat multiplayer would be best for the game, but not for streamability, so I might have to add a ghost car mode.
  • Orbit or Satellite: a golfing game, but in space, with orbital mechanics.
  • Heights: going up in a hot air balloon while avoiding obstacles. Sounds boring so this idea needs more work.
  • Swap: defend buildings against enemies on a grid like Into The Breach, but you have no units; instead, you can view your enemies' moves ahead of time and swap them to your advantage.
  • Paint: a vertically scrolling bullet hell shmup where you have a paintball gun which you can use to paint enemies. Their colour affects their properties and behaviour. This idea also needs more work.
  • Connections: grow and maintain a telephone grid in the style of Mini Metro, place cables and switches, avoid dropping calls or running over capacity.
  • Teleportation: another Into The Breach inspired game, where your units have no attack but can only teleport to block/deflect enemies' attacks.
  • Time: an Asteroids clone but with special relativity and a low light speed. Space compression, time dilation, redshift/blueshift.
  • A Single Room: an escape room puzzle. No highscores and no streamers. I don't like this theme and don't know what else to do. Please don't vote for it.

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MatchaMaze • 9 months ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! entry  Rangers of the Cursed Land

We are Back!

Really excited for this Jam! 72 Hours! So much more time to work!

First time streaming! Check out the "streamers" tab at the Event Dashboard!
You can follow me at

Entering as a Team with Oliminor.
Style: Retro, Pixelart
Game Engine: Unity
Graphics: Aseprite, Krita
Sound: Bosca Ceoil, Vegas Pro, Sound Forge

Team of 2.

Due to my day job I won't be able to jam 100%, but will do the best I can!
Good luck to everyone!

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AaronBacon • 9 months ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! entry  NodeRunner

Got into Game Jams recently and this one seems awesome. Looks like theres a good selection of themes so no matter what there'll be an awesome selection of games! Good Luck everyone, and i look forward to trying out the entries =)

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treslapin • 9 months ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! entry  Hello, Operator?

I really love taking part in Alakajam, this will be our 4th time here. I even took Monday off from work so we could participate. 💪

As always, I'll be using Procreate on the iPad for sketches and Illustrator for final artwork.

I'm hoping to record more of our process this time around, here's a sample from our last jam:

And the finished product:

Click me for higher quality video.

im in 1

pyxelrfcp • 10 months ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! entry  Executables

im not too good at making games but i'll be using phaser 3 to make my game and aseprite for art idk if i'll put music but i'll make sounds with objects lying around and bfxr for the code editor i will be using sublime text 3

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Psychic_Ash • 10 months ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! entry  Atomic Parasite

So, I'll be entering into the game jam and I'm suprer excited. I remember my first solo game jam. I didn't even finish. Last month, I won Cowboy's 100$ game jam. I placed better than I thought I deserved at Ludem Dare. I'm hoping to beat myself this time. Wish me luck.

Here's the programs and resources I'll be utilizing:

Game Maker Studio 2 - game engine (we discuss why I chose GMS elsewhere, but that's what I'm using)

Aseprite - great program for pixel art

Bosca Ceoil or Chrome Music Lab - depends on the time I have left when I'm finished with the game, which one gets my attention. BC is very involed.

Audacity - voice work

BFXR - snd efx work

Coffitivity - so I can work alone but feel like there's chaos around me (artifical noisy crowd app)

Pandora - because music is life

A special shout out to Bawls energy drink. I love you Bawls, you've carried me through so much but thanks to a visit to the cardiologist, I will be retiring Bawls from the team and replacing them with 5 hour energy drink.

That is all :P Good luck to everyone.

I'm in for my first 72h gamejam in solo 1

Thrainsa • 10 months ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! entry  Portal Racer

This will be my 8th Alakajam but I usually participate with @Wan and more recently with @Balboom.
Sadly, this time they won't be available so I decided that I'll try making a game in solo.

My plan for this jam will be to play with some things I want to try with Unity
I would like to try the new input system, the new UI builder and if I can find an idea that permits it, I would love to try the ml-agent package to create an AI.

I know this will be a big challenge to try so much things but who cares? ^^
And I restricted myself, I will not try the new DOTS system in beta :D

Here's what I'll be using:

  • Unity
  • VS Code
  • Blender for low poly
  • if I need some 2D
  • and I have no idea what for sound if I have some time left for it

I'm in for my 18th game jam! 4

DaFluffyPotato • 10 months ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! entry  Lynez

This will be my 9th Alakajam (I competed in 1 PyWeek and 8 Ludum Dares too).

I've been working on a new framework to help me quickly build well performing and scalable platformers, which I'm excited to possibly be using for this event. I've been using it to work on my largest project ever. \o/

I'll probably stream most of the jam on my YouTube channel (only the dev, not the ScoreSpace part) if anyone is interested.

Here's what I'll be using:

  • Python
  • Pygame
  • Aseprite / MSPaint
  • My Custom Platformer Framework
  • LMMS
  • SFXR / Microphone

Good Luck!