I'm in for the first time 3

Kesslwovv • 2 years ago on 12th Alakajam! entry  Toxic Cave

This is my first game jam ever and I'm super excited.

The documentation states:

You are also allowed to use:
Third-party fonts

how does this apply to my own pre-made fonts?

Engine: None
Language: Python
Graphics Library: PyGame
IDE: PyCharm (community edition)
Music: BeepBox
Sfx: I don't know yet…
Graphics: Px Editor 4.2 (improved version of @DaFluffyPotato's Px Editor 3 )

My goals:
I will not be able to do anything on Sunday so here are my goals:

  • finishing the Game
  • making music and sfx (I have never done this before)
  • animations (also my first time)

First Alakajam! 0

ToasterTot • 2 years ago on 12th Alakajam! entry  The Underground Hollow

This will be my first Alakajam I've ever done! I've done Ludum Dare before and also gm48() but I haven't worked on a game in a while and I want to get back into the swing of things. I'm fairly busy this weekend so we'll see how much progress I'll make. I always set my scope too large when doing game jams, so my primary focus is going to keep reeling in my scope so it'll be possible for me to finish. I'm excited to see what everyone makes, have a good jam!

I'm in! 0

joshalex5 • 2 years ago on 12th Alakajam! entry  Mining Mayhem

My first Alakajam - joining solo to spend my weekend doing something creative! I've dabbled with some games a bit at home but never really finished anything so this will be good to be forced to finish something against my will.

Game Maker Studio 2 for code/graphics
Audacity + lots of distortion for audio (and whatever else I can cobble together)

Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with :)

I'm in 0

yozy • 2 years ago on 12th Alakajam! entry  Cavexploder

Well it's supposed to be raining the whole weekend so there's a good excuse to avoid people for a while :)

This time I think I'll go with C++ and SDL2. My previous jams were done using LÖVE which is great, but a bit unpleasant to debug. I think I'll go with something really simple this time though.

I'm in ! 4

chiyeon • 2 years ago on 12th Alakajam! entry  raft

Stuck at home for a few weeks as I recover from a minor surgery, the 12th Alakajam seems a lot more fun than lying in bed all day : )

I've never entered an Alakajam before, but the community, website, and everything overall looks super nice. Good luck everyone!

engine: godot
graphics: blender (3d) / libresprite (2d)
sound: fl studio, bfxr, audacity

also running herbstluftwm & manjaro

iam in for my first ever alakajam. solo 5

decode_games • 2 years ago on 12th Alakajam! 

This is my first alakajam, iam making games on my own for such a while and i wanna see what i can do in this jam.
iam really exicited for this jam. i will do as much as i can for this jam

I love to use opensource tools, and also to make opensource tools.
I love HAXE a cross platform programming language, and i really love to use HAXE.

so here is what iam gonna use to make my game.

OpenFl : haxe based 2d graphic library
Sublime Text 3: for programming
Piko Pixel: for drawing 2d sprites
Beep Box: for music and sound effects

Twitch Stream of the Multiplayer Kajam 0

oOBloodyOrangeOo • 2 years ago on Multiplayer Kajam entry  Space Turtles

Hello everyone!

On Sunday, 13th of June at 16:00 UTC (18:00 Berlin Time)
Thunraz, Laguna and I are going to stream the awesome results of the Multiplayer Kajam.

We are looking forward to see you on stream! :)

The Secret Game Dev Club is still not that much of a secret 0

laaph • 2 years ago on 12th Alakajam! 

Hello all!

Are you working on your game, hoping some day that it will be finished, trying to get it done? Join our secret game club, where you will find others who are working on their games as a sort of motivational club! Once a week, we have a meeting, in which we tell our stories, whether good or bad, and we support each other and listen to each others problems and show off our successes.

You can find more details hidden in the secret text document at If this sounds like a thing you would like to join, go to that link, follow the sekrit instructions found within, and ask me to add you to the server.

I hope to see you there!

Client Side Prediction and network troubles 0

Laguna • 3 years ago on Multiplayer Kajam entry  Space Turtles

Hi there,

So there is finally some progress. Not so much on the gameplay side, but the underlying mechanics are getting fleshed out quite nicely.

As we are aiming for a SHMUP game, the client really needs to feel responsive. This will be achieved by some clever client side prediction. This will only roughly be described here. For a full introduction, I recommend you this awesome tutorial here.
Basically the server but also every client runs on it's own pace and a slow client should not block the server or other clients. This means that some sort of lock-step implementation will not work for us.
Due to network lag, the client will always be behind the server and there is basically nothing that could prevent it. The idea is that the client predicts the movement for a certain frame 60. Then it sends out the input state for this frame to the server. Simultaneously the gamestate for frame 55 has arrived (due to network lag this will always lag some frames behind).
The solution now is that the player locally stores the game state as well as the input state for the past frames.
The number of stored input frames as well as the framerate determines what input lags you can compensate.

If a mismatch between the locally computed frame 55 and the received frame 55 from the server is detected, the client code now needs to roll back its simulation to frame 55 and re-simulate the input up to frame 60. This will then be used to display the player position.

To simulate network trouble, you can use a tool like clumsy. This allows to add arbitrary lag, dropped packets, throttle, limited bandwidth or even message corruption to your in or outgoing network packets. It works for ipv4 and ipv6 and supports udp and tcp. This is very handy for testing purposes.

Progress! 2

maartene • 3 years ago on Multiplayer Kajam 


After Game Center match making, I now have some interactivity: choose your ship's heading and thrust.

  • It's a lockstep setup with input delay (currently two steps). Only input is synchronized between clients;
  • Simulation updates every 0.1s (and waits if input doesn't come in);
  • The "physics simulation" should be deterministic if Double acts the same on all iPhones/iPads.


  • It's not a game yet: no win/lose condition;
  • When it comes to network: current implementation uses tcp/ip and sends input as JSON to other clients. This should probably be optimized;
  • There is no graceful end of game: only stop the process.