SnowFox 9 months ago

As a beginning developer, the idea that I could market anything I have created is utterly ludicrus to me. It's not that I have anything against marketing, but rather I don't feel comfortable marketing any of my projects.

They're all kinda crap, and I know it. Fun, sure, but not worth a penny in my opinion. That's probably my pride talking right there, but it's a feeling I can't quite get over.

So, I won't be taking on this November challenge. Maybe next time.

Mean time, I intend to take a break for coding as Nanowrimo has started up again, and I plan to take the challenge. I'm a huge fan of games with great stories, so I feel that this will be great practice.

Good luck to everyone taking on the November challenge, and make that sweet sweet lettuce.

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9 months ago

Good luck with NaNoWriMo! It's another event I've been considering for some time now, although I would have preferred if it was a shorter timeframe instead (eg. a short story in a week-end). As a slow writer, 1500+ words per day over a full month is daunting :O

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