Kodama a year ago on 3rd Alakajam!

Hi everyone!
After a long time of "I won't be able to create something good or interesting" thoughts I decided to stop being that guy, that have 1001 idea and doing 0 to implement them.
So it will be my first gamedev jam, I'm really excited!
I'll be using:

  • LÖVE/Unity (depends) as game engine;
  • Aseprite for graphics;
  • cfxr for sound effects;
  • Bosca Ceoil for music;
  • SublimeText for coding;

I'm sure it will be an awesome experience and great starting point in the gamedev. Good luck and have fun everybody!

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a year ago

Jams have definitely been a big step forward in gamedev for a lot of us! They are really great to build confidence and learn what it takes to make a game from A to Z. Just make sure to aim for something simple enough, since it's easy to run out of time during these things ;)

Anyway, welcome and good luck!

a year ago

Congratz on decided to be part of it!
Good luck!

a year ago

Speaking from experience, when it comes to engine, try to decide it beforehand and familiarize yourself with it's tools. Poke around with the editor and that sort of thing.

Last time I did a gamejam (about a year ago) I had a tiny crisis which engine to choose so I couldn't start working immediatly.

So yeah keep that in mind :D Will help a lot haha

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