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laaph • 2 months ago 

After a long discussion it was discovered that many Americans do not know the term "Fortnight" and confused it with the name of a popular video game. I have a confused background and had just assumed everyone knew the word, but I thought it was archaic and only used in books like "Lord of the Rings" or other situations where you want to sound like the old times. Other people told me that the word "fortnight" was a perfectly normal word in perfectly normal usage.

For those who don't know, fortnight is a word that means two weeks.

Where does that leave us? Well, we intend to keep providing an event where you can submit anything you are working on, whether from a game jam or your own deep dark secret project that will only be released when absolutely perfect, and have this event so that the community can comment on and critique games. We won't even be strict about the two weeks part, which might be additional reason to drop the "fortnight" moniker. However, what ever the name, the idea will continue.

But, in the interest of community feedback, what do you think? If you have an account on mastodon, go over and vote what you think about the name change! Comments on this will be read!

Or you can leave a comment on this post if you wish!

The Feedback F…… will start on April 12th and continue for two weeks until April 26th. We will open the submissions before this time, and you can even submit feedback before (or after!) this time, but those are the official dates. Be polite, be nice, be critical, and we'll provide some resources on how do that effectively. You are welcome to submit anything that still fits in to the alakajam rules. If you are submitting a commercial project, please allow for a way for alakajammers to play for free, whether by temporarily setting the price to zero or giving out keys or however you can.

Get your projects ready for public consumption! This is coming soon!