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A simple and effective way to donate is to throw money at Alakajam through the link below! It and will help us cover the expenses of the community (read more about it here).

Website development

The full Alakajam! website is on Github and new contributors are always wanted! The website is made with NodeJS, and setting up a dev environment is super easy.

Just check out the site repo and start committing - there are a bunch of issues that specify missing features and bugs (look for the good first issue flag if you're new!). Feel free to ask questions on the issues or even create your own if you have new ideas or want to ask questions.

Staying in touch with the team

We have an internal - but open - mailing list where you can follow the team's activities and the preparation of upcoming events.

Despite this mailing-list, in practice most of the internal chat is done on IRC, so hanging out there is a good starting point to stay updated and learn how you can help. The chat has a small but happy community hanging out all year long - although it gets more active during events.

Hosting an event

All Alakajam! events are run by volunteers from the community. Helping with that is a great way to meet the team and learn how the site works. Talk to the regulars on IRC or contact us in another way, and we'll happily book you for an upcoming event!

NB. If you're wondering what it takes to run an event… In terms of duties, it's pretty simple: we have a document with all the steps written down so you can easily prepare for what is needed when. Most tasks are done on the website itself, through an admin menu where you can control which post is pinned, what the current countdown is for, and what the status of the ongoing jam is. Depending on your interest, you could also help advertise/animate the event, for instance by running our Twitter account.

So in short nothing too complicated. The core of all this is we just like the idea of putting forward a community member each event, rather than have the same faces around every time :)

Web design

Have good web design skills? We love you already. We feel the website is still far from perfect in terms of looks and navigation, so getting website mockups with ideas for improving Alakajam! would be super valuable.