Unlikely Companion

First LD! Woo!
Controls are WASD and mouse.
Game has 7 levels.
Enemies and your companion evolve throughout the game.
Credits (for libraries, software, etc) are available when you complete all 7 levels.
Mostof the music's pretty good, but art mostly resembles "programmer's art" ;P
If I ever update this, I'd like to give it some actually good graphics and online multiplayer :P
Feel free to use any of the elements of this in your own projects, just give credit if possible. But don't worry if you forget who made it, I'm not gonna track you down x3
As per the competition rules, all sprites, music and code were made by me in the 48 hours, aside from public libraries.
Porting to OSX failed (WineBottler seemed to disagree with mouse input). Sorry!
Source includes all GMRES, MCSZ etc files used as well as the GMK. If you use the source's debug mode, it'll automatically unlock all levels and will display some lines and circles around weapons that I used to calculate direction.
Story could do with a little improvement but for 48 hours it's okay.
Saving is minimal, I was kinda in a rush so I used GM's default saving rather than writing my own, which I usually do in bigger projects.
Anyway, have fun playing Unlikely Companion, and tell me what you think.

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