Regnum Dracones

Regnum Dracones is a multiplayer RTS castle-building game with a persistent world.
After using some resources to build your castle, venture out as a dragon and destroy the structures other people have made to get more resources!

I'm running the main server on (which will be up throughout the judging period and beyond, if it isn't, give me a shout and I'll look into the problem), but you're welcome to host your own as well if you wish. The map is currently 250x250 but I can enlarge this if the game becomes more popular and it fills up.

If you want to host your own, be sure to configure database (mysql) settings in config.json and create the tables using this SQL:


Right click to move.
Left click to place the unit you've selected in the shop.
Middle click (and drag) to move the camera.
Hover to find out information about a unit.


v0.1.1 (24th August 2015) - fixed a minor problem with how the client closed connections causing "connection reset by peer" errors on the server
v0.1.2 (24th August 2015) - fixed an NPE on the client caused by attempting to get information on a unit for which the client did not have player information for


v0.1.x is the series based on the state of the game at the end of the 48 hours. Only bugfixes are incorporated in this series now. The source for these releases is on the release-0.1.x branch on GitHub. Any bugfixes are merged there before merging back into master (the current deployed state)

v0.2.x is an upcoming series which will incorporate new features on both the client and server. This is being worked on on the release-0.2.x branch on GitHub. These releases are not on master at this time, and no downloads are available yet.

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