Thanks for playing coalesce!

I have now shut down the server for coalesce. After a few patches, it reached a state where it could run for indefinite periods of time with no severe consequences. However, the server it runs on is often used for other games, and so to save on resources, since the judging period is over, I have shut down the server.

However, if you still wish to play coalesce, the source code for the client & server is on GitHub at

The client is set by default to connect to localhost in the latest version of the source. Edit the file and change this to whatever server you want to access, then run the gradlew script in the root folder with the argument "build" to create compiled JARs in the /build/libs folders for each module.

The server must be able to connect to a mysql server specified in config.json (which is created when the server starts for the first time). You must have created the tables. For the SQL to do so, please see

I've released the source under the Apache License (v2) so please do as you wish.

Have fun!

Latest server version: 1.4
Latest client version: 1.1

Coalesce is a multiplayer game about absorbing blobs to grow bigger, with a risk/reward system of boosting and jumping along a track.

Keyboard: W to jump, D to boost OR Up to jump, Right to boost
XBox 360 gamepad: A to jump, X to boost
PlayStation gamepad: Triangle to jump, Cross to boost? Haven't tested, could be wrong

Logging in for the first time will create an account. Note down your password, you will need it to log in to that account again!

You have a matchmaking rating of 1500 when you start playing. This will go up and down based on who you play against. A variation of the Glicko2 ranking system is used. The longer you wait, the more people are considered.

Tracks are randomly generated and symmetrical. You always play on the blue track, while your opponent is on the red track. You play for as long as the music continues.

Native versions:
Windows amd64 -
Windows i586 -
Mac -
Linux amd64 -
Linux i586 -

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