UPDATE NOTE: I fixed the keyboard layout. In addition to WASD, cursor keys are supported now as well and I added the spacebar as a second fire key. I honestly hope this doesn't violate any rules, someone suggested that this could be considered as "porting" the game to non-qwerty keyboards.

One of the most obvious takes on the theme.

The highscore doesn't work on Windows for some reason. Works fine on Linux though.
The Windows version can be run under wine if you don't have love 0.9.0 installed on your Linux box.

Since some didn't seem to notice: This game has an actual ending after three levels. Every level has a dedicated exit that takes you to the next ;-)

WASD or Cursor Keys to move the ship
TAB to turn it around
Left Alt or spacebar to fire torpedo.

Known problems (thanks for reporting):

  • The camera goes crazy when hitting things
  • Bouncing off of things changes the direction in a stupid way
  • The tilemap flickers from time to time
  • Highscore is not saved on Windows (this could actually be a love2d bug, need to investigate)

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