Cooper 32 vs. Doctor Dynamo


So, I added a post compo version that fixes some of the annoyances in the original release:

  • Doubled the number of checkpoints
  • Defused some of the most difficult jumps
  • Gave the player a 500ms delay between the time a guard changes his viewing direction and the player actually being detected
  • Added more scripted events
  • Fixed the "Super-Mario-Bros-Type" skip-half-the-level bug

Please rate the original version, but if you want to have a less frustrating time with the game, here you go!

Cooper 32 is the top field operative of an undisclosed secret service.

The service found out that the super villain Doctor Dynamo is planning to bomb big cities all over the world. The villain is hiding in his secret volcanic hideout (as such people usually do) and Cooper has to blow the base (including the volcano, most likely) up. For that job, no conventional weapon would suffice, therefore he uses a mini nuke.

Can Cooper 32 sneak into the base undetected, plant the bomb and return to his safe hiding spot to free the world from Doctor Dynamo's menace? FIND OUT INSIDE!

Controls: Arrow keys to move, Up or X to jump. That's it.

You should watch the intro to find out what you're supposed to do, but you can skip it by just running ahead if you like.

The game is relatively difficult, there are some checkpoints along the way to lower your rage levels.

I almost finished everything I had planned, but I spent too much time on level and graphics design, so in the end I had to cut down on some nice-to-have features (there are no sweet particle effects, for example).

The game might glitch from time to time because I ran out of time for playtesting, but it should usually run just fine!


Known Bugs/Issues:

  • There is one think in the game that can be a bit unnerving: When one of the guards changes the direction he looks in and sees you there, you will get told that you have been detected but it looks like he actually didn't. But trust me, the detection is relatively solid. Just the presentation of this is a bit disappointing. I planned to have them show their field of view in red once you are detected, but you know how times runs a few hour before submission hour :3

  • You can skip part of the level on your way back in a Super Mario Bros. kind of way. Let's just say that was intentional, okay? coughs

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