Gelan's Quest

I've added an experimental Web version. I made it using my equally experimental LÖVE for Web port, Motor2D.

If you have any problems running the game in the browser, please try the standalone Windows or Mac version or download the .love file and run it in your own installation of LÖVE.

If you find any bugs you think may be related to the web version, don't hesitate to tell me.

I've heard reports that Chrome stops playing the music after a few seconds for some people. It seems like Firefox plays it flawlessly.

Requires LÖVE >= 0.9.1.

Gelan has to leave his home. Guide him to safety in this classic point and click adventure.

The game is more like an interactive story, only a few small puzzles are included.

You can set the speed of the text displays (dialogs and narrative) with keys 1-5. 3 is default, 1 is super slow, 5 is too fast too read ;-)

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