A difficult platformer where you place your own traps!

This platformer is about heroes, greed and repentance… and most of all, it's about wondering: Who is the villain, you or you?

  • CONTROLS : You'll figure them out… Except ENTER, that you can hold to skip cutscenes.
  • KNOWN ISSUES (only in the Jam version) : Selecting traps sometimes fails. It also has a few glitches, otherwise it should work as intended.
  • TECH : Made in HTML5 with CraftyJS and some other cool libraries.


  • 13/05/2016: This recommended version saw its levels and balancing reworked from the ground up. Most bugs and quirks are also fixed. The game is still hard, but more fun to play!
  • 26/04/2014: Note that the original 2012 sources don't work anymore in modern browsers. This version is mostly the same, except we polished some details, and especially upgraded the engine… introducing a few glitches.

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