Tarot Tower

Build up your card tower faster than your opponent in this turn-based card game.

Use a variety of tarot cards to build up a card tower before your opponent can. Learn strategies and live by the roll of the dice shuffle of the deck as you take on challenges from three seperate difficulty levels.

I was gonna use some pre-made sfx for certain cards but they… didn't play for some reason so hey that works out I guess. All feedback is appreciated, be as "constructive" as you like… ;)

Version 1.1 and above were created after the jam. v1.1 adds a menu button and fixes a graphical bug with certain card positions.

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 • 4 years ago • 

This game is very cool!
I really liked the game and rules.
Sometimes I couldn`t use a blank card to build.
Backgorund music could be better, not just an intermitent sound.

But nice game, I liked.

 • 4 years ago • 

As a person who fancies a lot of card games IRL I really appreciate the amount of thought that must have gone into the game design here. I'm actually quite amazed you came up with such a fantastic game design in such short time! I feel like it would be worth pursuing a physical card game version of this.

Anyway, this game was quite interesting, a lot of originality and of course great game design. The AI must have been challenging, mad respect, but I did feel like it was a bit easy once I got a bunch of blanks and just kept "building" and the CPU didn't do anything with their 20 billion cards in hand. I some how won? lol.

That aside, very cool game!

 • 4 years ago • 

Excellent card games! The different capacities available make the game very strategic and fun ! Great job !

Negative points as me, it's too easy to destroy the opposing tower cause some card are cheated (Death for example), the game become endless. Maybe add a condition to play some cards : Tower is high enougth or something else.

Otherwise the game is excellent GG !!

 • 4 years ago • 

I want to start by saying I really like the idea of this game, I don't think the execution is there yet, but it has real potential, maybe as a physical card game played with 3-4 people? Or a fantasy RPG type game with progression and deckbuilding elements? The idea of using your opponents cards against them as a core gameplay concept could be really cool.

But I'm getting carried away, lets talk about this game:


  • Unqiue card game mechanics. I like the way the cards can move between all the different zones, so they're often not gone for good, and you can try and keep track of where they are all are. There's a lot of possible depth from this mechanic alone.
  • The minamalist sound and music actually fits really well. It creates this, creepy foreboding atmosphere that's perfect for a game based around tarot cards.
  • Even with the simple, MS-paint-esque artwork, I found it easy enough to recognise cards at a glance before long, which is great for smooth gameplay.


  • Gameplay breaks down when the towers reach about the 7/10 mark. A lot of blank cards will be tied up in the towers, leaving the deck with a stack of almost all tarots. The death and devil tarots are devastating and basically act as reset buttons, and there's so many ways to draw many cards that they keep getting played again and again. It leads to games lasting forever because neither player can stop themselves getting their tower wiped.
  • The AI can make some rather silly moves, nuking their own tower or hand for litle reason, I didn't notice much difference between the different difficulties for this.
  • This one might be on me, but mechanics around discarding cards didn't seem to let me chose what I got to discard (e.g. temperance)

Again, I think it's an excellent idea in concept, but it would need some thought on how to rework the card interactions to create a more stable flow of gameplay. I don't need to tell the future to see you're onto something here, excellent work!

 • 4 years ago • 

I really appreciate the amount of thought that went into all of the different types of cards and their effects. I think balance wise, the game can use some work. I know I would get super frustrated with cards like the world or the devil if I were playing against humans. There are a large number of these cards which feel like complete luck, both that I can draw much better than my opponent, and also that I can play a card that should be the right move but end up behind because of randomness. Great effort putting together the game, as these sorts of things are hard to put together in a jam timeframe.

 • 4 years ago • 

A very interesting game, take takes a while to get into due to the sheer amount of different cards but gets more and more fun as you play it and learn the ropes. Eventually though it feels like the balancing could use refinement, with some cards like the Devil and the World being overpowered to me for instance.

There's plenty of good ideas in there, and playing with the idea that we eventually learn all the different cards to apply tactics according to what we have/the opponent could have/what could come up next is great. I haven't reach the point where I've learnt all the cards but it does seem possible with some practice.

Respect for coming up with and implementing 22 différent card rules… and drawing 22 card faces :D

(EDIT: Oh and you made an AI with multiple difficulty levels wow)

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