Icy Data Tower V2 !

Quickly jump to the next platform!

A/D - Move your character
Space - Jump

Left JoyStick - Move your character
A - Jump

Your goal is to get to the top as quickly as possible by using your super ability to jump.
Watch out, big jump is not always the right jump

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 • 4 years ago • 

I'm sorry but I didn't enjoy this game. Firstly there's a lot of bugs, I managed to softlock myself within the first few seconds by falling off of the first ledge and had to restart, opening the game caused my SteamVR to open by itself for some reason and I found myself clipping through ledges a lot. The mechanics aren't strong either, the jump is way too floaty and the way the left/right movement is tied to the tower spinning is clunky to control, there's just nothing satisfying about this gameplay.

The music was pretty sweet though, and I liked some of the neon light effects you had going on.

Here's what I'd suggest if you were looking to improve:

  • Do a deep dive reasearch into games similar to any you try and build. For example for this game, looking at Mario is the obvious choice. Study him, it'll serve you well. Watch how high he jumps, how fast he falls, how fast he runs. There's a lot of good reasons he's been so successful for so many years.
  • Consider moving to a different engine. I've never seen anything decent made in the Unreal engine that didn't cost millions to make. It's a powerful engine, but for small teams it's difficult to use well, and that difficulty translates will into your games. Perhaps try a 2D engine for a while, like Game Maker. It's much easier to make a game look good in 2D, and often easier to program too. If you really want to stick to 3D, then maybe try Unity. I've seen much better results from small teams using that in my experience.

I say these things because you seem like you might be a team of inexperienced developers. If that judgement is wrong then please forgive me. Good luck on your next game!

  • 4 years ago • 

hi Anonymous!
Thank you to have taken the time to test the game.
Normally, the steamVR should'nt boot itself, the plugin was removed from the package, I'll look into it.

For the movement, I met a lot of issue trying to have something cranky and fluid at the same time. You're right to say that Nintendo does it best with their platformer but nonetheless we do like to test things out. You didn't like it. I'm sorry but I am trying to upgrade my techniques every jam.

Your second point seems a bit harsh. I've seen a lot of great project in jams that used Unreal. I'll be sticking with 3d games. We tried Unity in the past, we will probably go in between the two engines as time goes.
For sure I'm not an experienced game dev, I am a self learned man nothing fancy. @Wharf49 is still a young student and it was his first jam experience. He really liked it.

If you liked the music, @heartreiz did a great job and worked all weekend into both themes.

I would have loved to have a more in depth conversation with you, hmu on the jam discord. You seem to have a lot to share about your personal preferences.

Thanks and I hope you had fun during the jam!

Cheers :)

 • 4 years ago • 

This was an interesting idea, the music was great, and the glowing effect looked pretty cool. Unfortunately there were a ton of bugs and it was hard to tell what was going on. In 2/3 of my runs, I ran into serious bugs where I was constantly teleporting. In the first encounter with bugs, the tower lost all its platforms, suddenly appeared smooth, and also appeared to be rotating really fast.

Also, there were some cases where there were platforms I couldn't reach without jumping off and using the respawn height for a bounce then adding the "jump" to that.

  • 4 years ago • 

hey @DaFluffyPotato
yeah we fixed it in a second release, our "death Zone" was too unforgivable and we fixed the camera speed afterward.

Thanks for the vote :)

 • 4 years ago • 

Haha, classic Unreal - 230 MB for a game that should be 2.3 MB max ;) I needed a while until I learned that the "jumping" is more like a jetpack, but then the game became unforgiving in the beginning; so instead of glitching through the platforms I thought I can jetpack myself unto them, but for that it sunk too fast into the water.
And then I have to close and restart the game, because the bugs actually hinder any respawning.

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