Island Warfare

Take out as many enemy Islands as you can before getting overwhelmed

NOTE: I used the assets "Enviro Lite" for the Time and Weather System, and textures from for texturing. The 3D Models and game itself were made by me during the jame time.

A Simple survival game where you shoot down enemy Islands for as long as you can survive.

Scrollwheel to Zoom Camera in/Out
Mouse to move camera
WASD to move Island
Space to Ascend
Shift to Descend
Hold Left Click to Fire Lasers

Your weapon will always fire at a flat angle, it can't point up or down, so you'll need to move your island to be level with enemies (enemies also have this restriction)

The game spawns enemies faster and closer the longer you go on.

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This game entered in the Solo competition (8 entries).

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 • 3 months ago • 

I found aiming quite hard, also wasn't able to look directly up/down which made it a lot more difficult.
I just need some practice ig, other than that quite fun to play :)

  • 3 months ago • 

@atfed @SatLess Thanks for Playing =), yeh I mostly just wanted to experiment with 3D techniques and lighting since most of my games are 2D (That reminds me I need to add a note about my external asset use)

The Weapons can only shoot at the same level they're on (No Aiming up or down) so you'd need to adjust your island height to shoot.

The Green thing is just your trail, the same way enemies have a red trail. It's just meant to show you what direction you and the enemies are moving in to let you orient yourself a little better.

 • 3 months ago • 

The 3D graphics are well done. Nice material work on the island, and the animated sky is a nice touch.

As a game, I found it quite hard to play, mostly because the camera is so close to the island that it takes up a lot of the screen and it's hard to see where you're going or what you're shooting at.

The lack of an aiming reticule also makes it hard to understand where your shots are going to go. So, the best way I found to consistently kill stuff was to fly directly into it and fire as I clipped through it. Perhaps having the attack be based on bumping into things might work better, at least with the current camera and controls.

  • 3 months ago • 

@rogual Thanks for playing =)

And the Camera issue would be because I forgot to put that Scroll Wheel Zooms the camera out in the controls 🤦🤦🤦. My bad, not sure how I missed that.

It might not be clear that the gun can only fire at the same height as the ship, since you cant see your gun aiming if you cant zoom out. Definitely something to consider for next time lol.

 • 3 months ago • 

Very intense air fights, I like it, even if the aiming is hard. And it looks cool. I only wish there were some sounds to increase the immersion.

 • 2 months ago • 

With some practice I was able to kill some enemy islands. Perhaps missing some other mechanics but the islands and the day / night cycle look good :).

 • 2 months ago • 

Like people said, sounds would have made the action more obvious. When you hit and when you get hit. I think there's something wrong with the camera that zooming out doesn't really fix. Maybe it's that the island is right in the middle of the screen and because of that it's always right where you want to aim. Maybe keeping it a bit offset would help?
Art is cool and controls seem good. I had fun killing some mean islands!

 • 2 months ago • 

I felt a bit lost about where my Island was shooting even when I was actually destroying enemies. Reactivity when something's happening would have been nice, it's really ambitious to create a fully fledge aerial battle in 3d for a jam, with a day and night cycle and all. It was overall functionning but not polished enough to be able to enjoy everything.

Great job overall, impressive!

 • 2 months ago • 

Found aiming a bit hard at first but got used to it, I presume it's intentional since you mentioned firing at a flat angle. Idea was neat and I enjoyed the lighting and the day/night system (unless it's based on position?), but I think some more feedback with sound and maybe a minimap would be good? Or even just an ocean or something for you to orient around. Had a good time overall though.

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