A Day in the Sun

Puzzle platformer.

WASD or arrows to move.
Enter, Space, J or K to interact with things.
R to restart level.

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This game entered in the Solo competition (8 entries).

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 • 3 months ago • 

Damn good puzzle game with a melancholic touch thanks to the music! The only thing I could criticize is the fact that you can only pull the level if you're looking at it ;-)

Loved the ending!

 • 3 months ago • 

Art is great, and puzzles are unique (by which i mean i got stuck on the third one).
The movement felt a bit weird to start off with, but it was easy enough to figure out.
Very good overall :)

 • 2 months ago • 

Very nice puzzle game. The visual style is very reminiscent of the Flash days, and the music (especially the jammy noodling) reminded me of SimCity 2000 somehow. The number of levels and the variety of mechanics used is great, and there were one or two levels that stumped me for a minute.

In the very first level I was a bit confused at first as to how to get to the exit, thinking I needed to jump or interact with the block in front of me: I did not expect the climbing mechanic. But of course, there was nothing else to do so I guess that works :) The other mechanics were introduced well, maybe with the exception of the teleporter in the final level: I assumed it's also a collectible at first!

The grid movement and the sokoban-esque twist of not being able to simply change your direction and only interacting with things that you are facing (that @ratrogue pointed out) were fine and make sense for a puzzle game. I would even say that this could be made more important as a puzzle mechanic. However, I wished the movement was more "jagged": given that there is a grid, I think it's better to show that the player is making a step and then another, instead of stringing the animations together. This also resulted in me accidentally going e.g. one level higher up than I intended, or walking farther than I planned. Fortunately there weren't many places where this was too frustrating.

 • 2 months ago • 

Excellent in so many ways. The art works well together and the music gives a somber atmosphere to the game. You managed to put in quite a few different mechanics to a jam game! Other than the minor gameplay issues that other people have noted I don't have much to critique. Perhaps you could have given some of the mechanics extra time to breathe. Now it felt like there was something new in every level which is not required. So a few extra levels here and there would help the pacing a bit.

 • 2 months ago • 

It seems I saved the best for last! This music made this so enjoyable. Nice levels too. It's always nice to play a jam puzzle game that even I can finish. I agree with Aurel's throughts on the movement being too "smooth". Not really anything else to critique. Good stuff!

 • 2 months ago • 

This is a really well made game, especially for a jam game. As others have said, The style, graphics and puzzle designs are on the level of a fully released game thats had weeks of work on it. Really awesome job!

(Also Walls are just a suggestion >:) )

 • 2 months ago • 

I don't have a lot to add, great game overall :) . To add on the movement thing, if you press two movement key they actually increment the movement, so you can move two square on your grid before falling, I don't know if it was intended. I was able to skip a couple of steps because of that(like skipping walls).

Great work!

(@Plazmaero) • 2 months ago • 

İ finished it \o/, this is definitely an original one gotta give it to ya

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