Zarguuf's Floating Island

The stars my destination

One day Zarguuf decided he did not want to live on this planet anymore. So he took to the stars on his favourite island.

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 • 3 months ago • 

Is the itch page up yet?

 • 3 months ago • 

The music is great, and I really like the style of the game :)
I dont seem to be able to scroll through upgrades on the webgl version…

  • 3 months ago • 

@atfed Thanks for the comments and enthusiasm! the upgrades are not scrollable but the top most ones are the ones you want to buy anyway :)
We are still building the latest build. Check back after the submission hour!

 • 3 months ago • 

Low-res, polygonal, untextured 3D is a style with a lot of nostalgia for me, and it's more unusual and more genuinely retro than pixel art.

But then you've also got antialiasing (and I think some subtle chromatic aberration in the background?) which, combined with the soundtrack, give it that hyperreal, vapourwave, more-retro-than retro vibe, like a dream of something that never happened.

As an old man who hasn't kept up with gaming trends, I don't know anything about this genre, and I wasn't really sure what was going on, but I felt like that didn't really matter? I really enjoyed listening to the music, clicking the buttons, and watching the lovely graphics as each new item was added to the island.

I think your decision to focus on making a really nice, polished visual of the flying island worked out great, because it's genuinely fun to watch. The weather effects and the gradual progression to space were great.

Overall, even as someone who normally prefers a bit more "game" in my game, I still really liked this. Played it to the end, and felt like I'd been on a journey, and a lovingly crafted one at that.

 • 2 months ago • 

There definitely went a lot of love in the art, music and even writing - kudos for that! I never really played idle games and I won't start with it, but I clicked/waited till the end just to see all the details you came up with!

 • 2 months ago • 

A really creative and well made take on an Idle Clicker Game. I did feel like the stars were a little sluggish to get near the end, I ended up with Billions of Lift and was just waiting for the stars to rack up, but other than that awesome job =)

 • 2 months ago • 

I do have an itch for incremental game and damn it's a nice one. I really loved the progression, most action have a significant change on the island. It was simple to understand and really well executed. I would add a timer in between clicks to thwart the auto-clickers, maybe something to have an actual advantage to use your ingame function.

All in all, one of my favorite entry. :)

Oh and the game title makes me think it's inspired from a ttrpg spell, I think it's great.

 • 2 months ago • 

Overall a pretty fun, short clicker-ish experience. I found it nice that pretty early on the actual clicking was replaced by holding :)

The changes to the island in the left screen were fun to see. I liked the super crunchy, screen shake-y, low poly aesthetic, but maybe a little bit more detail would be nice, especially to see that the late-game upgrades actually did something, e.g. to the armillary (or if they did, I did not notice). Similarly, the descriptions of the upgrades were cute, though I think the last couple of thruster upgrades repeated the same text?

The music was whimsical and did not get old. (And a bit corny.)

I think the only thing that slightly spoiled the experience was the pacing: so much happened at the very beginning that it was hard to keep up with the text, but then at the very end I could only wait for a minute or two as I saved up for one of the 500k star upgrades.

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