Explore the ruins of an old temple and find your way out

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This game entered in the Solo competition (18 entries).

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(@TheCobaye54) • 3 years ago • edited • 

Hi !

I don't know how to use the archive. There are a lot of LUA files in there.
You used LÖVE as game engine right ? So we have to install it and run the game with the editor ? Is there a way for you to export it as an executable or anything like this ?


  • 3 years ago • 

Hi, to run the game download love2d from here:

Then unzip the archive from to get a file. Run love2d and drag and drop the file on it. Usually if you have ran love.exe at least once it should also associate the .love extension with it so double clicking should run the game.

I'm now realizing that windows behaves differently than macos and it actually does not need the thing to be unzipped, but itch doesn't allow me to change the extension.

Edit: Scratch all that, the .zip was weird. I have uploaded a zip, a proper .love and a windows executable.

 • 3 years ago • edited • 

Love the idea, I feel like this concept has a lot of potential!

Some things that led to some frustration:
Advancing the text and starting the piece selection use the same button - this is why sometimes when I wanted to just "close" the text and move, I accidentally selected another piece, thereby messing up my carefully placed pieces. I think here it would have been good to separate the thing that gives you the tutorial messages and the place you need to interact with to get the pieces.

Resetting didn't reset the already set pieces

I didn't understand what the blinking outlines were trying to tell me.

Other than that, like I said the gameplay has a lot of potential! It actually made me go "ooh, that's cool" :D
So great work!

  • 3 years ago • 

Thanks for the feedback. I realize just how many quirks the game has:

  • The text does actually advance depending on actions, there is no "skip" button and you can always advance when the text is displayed. I realize now that this is very unintuitive as most games don't work like that. I also need to add animations so it is more obvious when you are controlling what. Something like torches that turn on when the conveyor is controlled and the protagonist that turns her back towards the player and grabs the controls of the machine when you can't walk.
  • The reset thing was a last momet effort when I realized that the debugging 'restart' feature of love2d doesn't work in released version.
  • The blinking zones are "kill" zones, if they are filled they explode and the pieces fall, I'll have to design a level like mario level 1 where you have no option but to fill it.
 • 3 years ago • 

I really liked the idea of this game and once I figured it out it was a lot of fun. That being said I think some sound effects or more graphical effects could be used to make it clearer when you are using the wheel and when a piece has finished falling. There were times when I would accidently rotate a piece that I thought was "dead", so to speak. Still though, great idea and well executed!

 • 3 years ago • 

This is a pretty promising concept! In its current incarnation it feels unfinished (if only because of the various bugs and glitches), but even with what we have, on my 4th attempt I managed to complete the level and it was satisfying! The pretty pixel art and animations gave me the patience to forgive the bugs :) It was helpful that the shapes weren't randomized too, to help figure out the first flight of stairs.

From reading your blog post it seems like the blinking tiles are related to explosions? Incidentally I never triggered them.

After thinking about it a bit, a direction I could see the gameplay take is a more open platforming (letting the player jump two tiles high for instance) and a faster pace, with shapes automatically falling, more like the original Tetris. Having the player rush from a wheel to another could then play a part in the mixing of platforming & puzzles ; it more generally opens up more timing/skill-based elements like jumping on falling pieces. No idea if it works in practice, but it surely sounds fun :P

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